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How to Organize Your Wardrobe for Autumn

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Transitioning into a new season always brings some changes to your wardrobe. The same applies to when the summer ends and autumn enters our closet. Our bikinis, cover-ups, and crop tops are left for the next summer and it is time to bring out our trench coats, long-sleeved dresses, knits, and other cozier items. However, this may sound simple, but organizing your wardrobe for autumn is not an easy task. 

Moreover, if you have noticed that you are delaying to organize your closet, just read the next few tips and you will easily get a beautiful and arranged wardrobe for autumn. 

How to Organize Your Wardrobe:

You need a clear-out

This means going through every single item in your wardrobe. Although it may sound boring at first, you can turn on some motivational music and have fun while going through all your clothing items. Additionally, the odds are high that you will stumble upon a few pieces that you have forgotten about. So, take all your swimwear, linen trousers, colorful playsuits, and all the other clothes that are suitable only for the warm weather and put in on a big pile on your bed. Read about: 5 Chic Ways to Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall.

The next step is to make a selection. Decide what clothes are you going to keep (because you know that you will wear them again), what can go to charity or you can sell (because it is still in good condition, but you will most certainly not wear it again) and what is completely unusable, old and ready to go into garbage.

Wash and store everything

You may have forgotten to wash a couple of tops that you have worn, or simply to make sure that everything is clean before you put your summer clothes into storage, wash them once again. This is also important for those items that you are about to sell or give to charity, as you want them to be fresh and clean for the next person who is going to wear them.

Closet organizers to check out:

Edit your autumn clothes

Now that your closet is nice and cleared out, it is time to take on your autumn clothes and go through them before you put them in your wardrobe. What kind of autumn pieces do you have and what do you need to shop for? For example, you may realize that you have enough knit sweaters, but that you could buy one or two gorgeous dresses, such as a cute frill dress, that you can pair with over-the-knee boots and a biker jacket.

Also, you can do a similar thing to what you have done with your summer clothes and decide if there are some items that you will not wear again and that can go to the bin. For instance, you may have a few pairs of jeans that are worn out and a leather jacket that is no longer in accordance with your style. So, put the jeans into the bin and donate or sell that jacket online.  That way, you will have more room in your closet, you will earn money to buy new autumn pieces and you will make another person happy that they can wear that amazing, pre-loved jacket (or another fashion item).

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how to organize your wardrobe

Invest in key pieces

Now that you know your current situation with your autumn wardrobe, you can upgrade it by treating yourself with some new pieces. You can never go wrong by investing in staple pieces, such as a versatile leather biker jacket, a trendy high-neck knit, romantic midi dress and/or a pair of high-quality denim jeans. A biker jacket is amazing to keep you warm, but also to add a hint of rebelliousness to your style. High-neck knits are lovely to layer over a checkered shirt or to wear with midi skirts or even jeans. A midi dress can look effortlessly chic with a biker jacket or even a denim one and when paired with suede ankle boots. Ankle boots are always modern pair of shoes that can go perfectly with any autumn outfit, so you will have much wear of them during autumn. 

Organize your autumn pieces into categories

You finally have all your autumn clothes in one place, you need to categorize them. You can opt for categorization according to color and, that way, get an aesthetically gorgeous closet and make it much easier to find a pink sweater to match your brown skirt. On the other hand, you can organize your wardrobe according to category and have your trousers in one section, the knit sweaters in another, skirts in another one and so on. This will make it much easier to assemble an outfit when you are in a hurry in the mornings.

Finally, follow these tips, invests some time and you will have a gorgeous and stylish autumn wardrobe in time. Start organizing right now! 

Do you organize your wardrobe when a new season comes? Or you just pile up all the clothes? Join the conversation below!

how to organize your wardrobe for Fall/Autumn

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