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Women Fall Jackets Guide

10 Types of Fall Jackets You Need in Your Wardrobe

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Are you looking forward to updating your wardrobe for the upcoming fall and winter season? Can you not wait to wrap yourself in those beautiful jackets as you walk to your college or workplace early in the mornings? 

Fall is, undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful seasons. It marks the transition from sunny summers to cold and harsh winters. During this season, the temperatures gradually decrease, the days are shorter, and the tree leaves change color. 

You can still wear your lightweight summer dresses in Fall by adding a jacket. It’s the perfect item to add to your dress or summer tops as it makes the outfit weather appropriate and brings a sense of style. 

This is why we have jotted down some of our most favorite Fall Jackets styles and where to find them. Keep on reading.

Fall Jackets For Your Wardrobe- A Complete Guide:

1 . Denim Jackets  

Looking for a jacket that is not-so-boring and suitable for all occasions and times?

First, on our list, we bring you the good ol’ denim jackets. One of the most versatile garments that could be a part of your wardrobe, denim jackets are popular for blending well no matter what the outfit is. 

While denim is mostly available in light and dark blue, you can also find this jacket in black, white, brown, and even other colors. Along with providing you with a fitted style, denim jackets have a warm interior suitable for lower temperatures and cold winds. 

You can also buy denim jackets that have fur around the collar for extra warmth and comfort. 

2. Blazer 

A blazer can be the perfect fall outerwear that you can pull off all year round and especially at the workplace. These should be a part of your fall wardrobe as they are timeless wear and can make quite an appearance. Perfect for a professional and smart look, blazers are a chic part of wardrobe basics. 

For those of you who would like to add an extra layer to their dull outfits, a checkered or plaid blazer can help spice up things. Blazers are made of thick fabric that keeps you warm, elevated, and away from the winter chills. 

Learn how to Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall.

3. Leather Jackets 

No one can ever say that they have had enough leather jackets as they are the epitome of classiness and authenticity.

Leather jackets are the ideal accessory to pair up with your outfits in the fall as they help trap heat in the body. So whenever you’re feeling a little chilly, you can easily zip up your jacket or turn up the collars to escape the wind. Also, leather jackets survive the harshest weather conditions, so no need to worry about their longevity. You can also go for a custom leather jacket, that will fit you perfectly and last a long time!

4. Puffer Jackets 

Are you in search of outerwear that helps you create a stylish, expensive, and sophisticated outfit? In that case, puffer jackets are our favorites for the fall as they are available in various colors, shapes, and sizes. 

Whether you want a sporty, athletic, or leisure look, along with the warmth, puffer jackets provide it all. With a soft and warm interior, puffer jackets are known for being insulated to keep you warm in the fall and winters. So they are the perfect pick if you are looking forward to a wardrobe do-over this season. 

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5. Trench Coats 

One of the most effortless coats that one can wear, trench coats are popular among people this season as they make an outfit look dazzling and appealing. The best part about trench coats is that they are durable and lightweight and look amazing with sneakers or heels. 

If you want a coat covering you from top to bottom, you should surely invest in a trench coat. Try getting a color that matches most of your outfits because there is no reason you shouldn’t make the most of your money, right? 

Besides all of that, trench coats can be super useful for putting away your belongings as they come with spacious pockets. 

6. Shacket 

If you have never heard of this term before, then you might be wondering what in the world a ‘shacket’ is? To keep things simple, a shacket is heavier than a shirt and lighter than a jacket. Everyone is interested in wearing this outerwear this fall season as it is the perfect combination of warmth and style. 

Inspired from military shirts, shackets ooze an effortless look and are easy to carry over bulky sweatshirts and tops. If you like layering up, then you should already have 2 to 3 different styles of shackets in your wardrobe to flaunt this fall. 

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7. Hooded Jackets 

Not in the mood to wash or blow-dry your hair early in the morning before your breakfast hangout? No worries, as we present you with an all-time-popular hooded jacket that is equally cute and useful for last-minute hangouts. 

This jacket goes well with almost all outfits, fabrics, and shoes and does an amazing job at keeping you warm and comfy. As hooded jackets are available in multiple sizes, colors, and designs, picking one for your fall wardrobe shouldn’t be a difficult task. You can also invest in a jacket with a fur hoodie as it will keep you extra warm and away from the chilling winds. 

8. Sweater Jackets 

Do you believe that warmth and fashion should go hand in hand, and there’s no reason why you can’t look fashionable in winters? If you’re looking for proper coverage and don’t want to give up on your fashion sense, then sweat jackets are worth a try. 

Sweater jackets are strictly casual, so if you don’t feel like dressing up, they are the ones which you should opt for. They are the perfect pick if you go out for a walk, to the nearest coffee shop, or the gym. All you have to do is take good care of these jackets, and they will easily last for a while. 

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9. Windcheater Jackets 

If you ride a motorcycle or bike to work or school every morning, windcheater jackets are a lifesaver with low temperatures. They are known to save you from the cold winds and are often worn on top of layers to protect you and provide warmth. 

Made from a thin fabric jacket, they also help resist light rain and are synthetic material. If you commute on your own every morning, then a windcheater jacket will provide you with the warmth and protection you require. 

 10. Bomber Jackets 

One of the most famous jackets that you’ll ever come across in the fashion industry, bomber jackets are the definition of a must-have for your fall wardrobe. Made from woolen material, these jackets keep you warm along with providing you with an equally fashionable style statement. 

If you get the right fit, color, and texture, bomber jackets can look amazing in the cold temperature when you step outdoors. But, of course, if you’re feeling extra cold, you can always zip them up, and they won’t cling to your body. 

Pro tip: Purchase a pastel-colored bomber jacket so it blends well with all of your outfits. 

In a nutshell…… 

No matter what you have in your mind for the fall season, going for a breakfast date, walking to the gym, or commuting to the office – you’ll find suitable fall jackets for your wardrobe from the list that we have shared. Read more on Key Components to Creating the Perfect Fall Outfit.

What kinds of Fall jackets do you love? Do let us know in the comments below. 

Women Fall Jackets Guide

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