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how to transition wardrobe from summer to fall

5 Chic Ways to Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Changing your wardrobe for fall can be tricky, especially if you’re a true summer lover who enjoys wearing bathing suits, shorts, and summer dresses. Yet, autumn has its charms as well, especially when it comes to trying out new clothes and choosing new pieces for your wardrobe. If you’re struggling to transition wardrobe from summer to fall, here are some tips that will let you be elegant even if it’s raining outside:

How to Transition Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

1. Remember: style is eternal 

In case you have no idea where to start, remember that being classy is something that doesn’t change that often. Elegance is eternal and therefore isn’t that hard to achieve, but in order to maintain the effortlessly elegant style, you need to invest some extra effort when it comes to mixing and matching your clothes. Additionally, sticking to neutral and autumn-like colors will be a sure way to look great whatever the occasion. Colors such as beige, brown, black, dark red and orange will transform your wardrobe, but you also need to look for clothes that fit your body type so you won’t end up looking ill-matched.

transition wardrobe from summer to fall

2. Coats and jackets are your best friends

But since the first onset of autumn can be quite warm, you don’t need to go and get yourself the warmest coat. Instead, opt for a denim jacket or light trench coat, especially the latter if you don’t want to spend time looking for the right blazer, and you plan to be outside only. Wearing the right coat and/or jacket will make you feel more confident while you’re walking or and doing errands. Choosing the right jacket can make or break your whole outfit, therefore it’s necessary to find something that is really well-made and will complete your outfit.

Fall Style with Jacket and Hat

3. Consider belts and other accessories 

The easiest way to dress well for the upcoming fall season is to simplify your expectations and stick to something that works. For example, get an elegant tunic made of high-quality fabrics and pair it with a simple pair of leggings and shoes or ankle boots of your choice. Now, in order to make your outfit stand out, you need a simple, yet effective accessory pieces such as a statement belt, scarf, hat or watch (like these marble watches) which will transform the way you look for the better. This type of outfits is perfect for the transitional phase between warm and cold weather, and it’ll surely be more than enough to make you stand out in the crowd. Additionally, other accessories such as statement necklaces can look great when paired with simple black turtlenecks or sweaters.

Fall Fashion accessories

4. Infuse your wardrobe with some luxurious items

Luxurious clothes are often reserved for celebrities and other rich people, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t treat yourself once in a while. The greatest benefit of luxurious clothes is that it’s often made of high-quality materials and is supposed to be durable and worn for a long time. Having one well-tailored shirt will be a great addition to your wardrobe that you can mix and match with different trousers, skirts, and Bermuda shorts for many years to come. Sometimes, opting for a bit pricier clothing pieces can be considered a valuable investment, especially if you’re not someone who shops for new clothes frequently.

transition wardrobe from summer to fall

5. Don’t forget the footwear

Early autumn days are still warm enough for sandals and elegant slippers, but once it gets colder and rainy, you need to find the right footwear to keep you warm. Sometimes that’s easier said than done but don’t worry — you can choose between Oxford shoes, biker, cowboy, or wedge heeled boots and what’s even better, all of them can be worn in various seasons, but they’re definitely best suited to autumn weather. Footwear is extremely important during the autumn, especially if you live in a place that has frequent rains, as that requires you to choose shoes and boots that are both protective and stylish.

Looking chic during the autumn isn’t something impossible, so feel free to experiment with various cuts, colors, and patterns, until you find outfit combos that are suitable. There are many ways to get inspired, so make sure to browse social media or fashion magazines because you’ll definitely find clothing items and outfits that are perfect for you. OR try the tips above to transition your wardrobe from Summer to Fall.

Here are some Chic Color Combinations to Wear This Fall-Winter Season.

What is your most favorite fashion feature for Fall? Share with us below!

how to transition wardrobe from summer to fall
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