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how to find a pair of jeans for your body

How to Find The Perfect Pair of Comfortable and Stylish Jeans

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

What is the one thing that drives your fashion choices while choosing a pair of jeans? Style or Comfort?

For many of us, style and comfort do not go hand in hand… I ran several polls on my Facebook page and Instagram regarding Style vs. Comfort, and you know what? The result was 50-50. 50% chose style and 50% chose comfort. But I say, why not choose both? With a bit of browsing and researching, it’s not hard to find a pair of comfortable and stylish Jeans.

After being pregnant with my daughter, I had to “store away” my favorite pair of jeans and opt for loose-fitting skirts and trousers. I “hoped” I can fit into the old jeans “one day”. The day never came and it’s been 4 years…
Fast forward today, I came across  Liverpool Los Angeles. I browsed their website searching for a pair of jeans that I can dress up or dress down. Basically, I was looking for something that will be my “one and only”.

So I read the specifications, measured my body over and over again and then ordered it with my fingers crossed.

I got the ABBY SKINNY jeans, which is a Mid-Rise skinny jean in meteorite wash. The color is perfect for either day or night. First I thought the mid-rise will be a bit low for my tummy (as this is one of my problem areas), but after I tried it on I am relieved that it just fits perfectly! It covers my tummy up to the naval area and covers the tummy perfectly so that there is no accidental skin reveal.

how to find comfortable and stylish Jeans

How I Found my Perfect Pair of Jeans:

Before buying a pair of jeans, note down what your concerns are. You have 3 points to remember: Fit, Rise and Wash

For me, my concern is my tummy and hip area. I want a pair that will cover and fit these areas perfectly (RISE). I also prefer skinny fit dark-wash jeans. I am on the shorter side (5’4″), so the length is also a concern. (FIT and WASH)

Now that you have noted down your positive and negative concerns, browse a pair according to your preferred fit and finish. If you are unsure about the fit, rise and wash- Go to stores, try on different styled jeans to figure out which ones you are most comfortable in. Which ones make you feel and look good.

While ordering online, look closely for the specifications and review for SIZE. Some jeans run true to size and some can fit small or a bit large. Ask someone to help you get your measurements. The inseam, which refers to the measured length between your crotch and your ankle, is one of the most important and easiest factors in determining the right fit for you. According to, Marianna Lomsinko, denim specialist of label 3×1’s custom service:

“Two people can be of the same height but have different length legs.” To measure your inseam, Lomsinko recommends a general rule of thumb: a 32 to 34-inch inseam is usually ideal for longer legs, an average 30-inch inseam fits most and can be cuffed, and a 27-inch “crop” inseam works best if you’re petite or want to show off a little ankle.

Look for materials, is it stretchy? I feel like a good stretch is imperative to make a pair of jeans comfortable, especially if you are into skinny jeans.

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how to find comfortable and stylish Jeans
how to find comfortable and stylish Jeans

How I styled my ABBY Jeans from Liverpool Los Angeles:

As these jeans are skinny, I opted for the loose-fitting white top from the brand. The blouse has the feminine details with ruffle neck detail and tie front and feels lightweight and soft. I glammed up the outfit with Lancome L’absolu Rouge Matte shade in Red (186) and a pair of flats from La Mode.

how to find comfortable and stylish Jeans
how to find comfortable and stylish Jeans

Have you found your perfect pair of jeans yet? Share with us in the comment section.

how to find a pair of jeans for your body

**The items featured in this post were provided by the brand for review. This does not affect my opinion of the item.**

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