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how to stay healthy in colder months

Tips to Stay Healthy When the Weather Gets Colder

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Do you love the colder months? I like cold weather specially when it’s Fall or early Winter season. But the dryness of skin, lack of sun/moisture and gloomy weather of the colder months makes most of us depressed and feel unhealthy.

But the colder season can be occupied and energizing. With such a large number of occasions like family reunion, holiday parties, and office events we need to stay on top of our health and take proper steps to keep it fit and active. Here are some tips we have gathered on how to stay healthy in colder months. Keep on reading!


Absorb the Sun 

Daylight gives you the healthy portions of vitamin D to help battle the winter-time blues. Take a walk outside when it’s sunny, go for a short jog or spend some time outdoors with your loved ones. If the weather is extremely adverse or you are spending most of the day time working indoors, you can also take vitamin D supplements daily after consulting with your doctor.

Quiet Your Carb Cravings 

The virus season will increase our desires for more carbohydrates and solace nourishments. Do you know why? After you expend these scrumptious treats, your serotonin levels rise, making your mind think you are more joyful. Furthermore, as the day progresses your carb longings get more and more grounded. 

To counter this, have a go at having a protein-rich breakfast to keep your vitality up for the duration of the day. If you are craving desserts or carbs as the day goes on, make certain to have low-fat and solid bites close by. 

Have a Healthy Breakfast 

Colder months are the ideal season for porridge. Eating a warm bowlful on a chilly morning isn’t only a delectable method to begin your day, it additionally helps support your body with nourishment and fiber. 

Having a fiber-rich breakfast, like apples, oats, and nuts, gives you vitality and helps you feel fuller for a long time, halting the compulsion to nibble early in the day. These fibers diminish cholesterol levels in the body and help in weight reduction and protect against diabetes. This is a particularly significant winter wellbeing tip for seniors who require a high-fiber diet to ensure their stomach related frameworks. 

Use Humidifiers to Combat Dryness

The dry air in colder months can make an individual have a dry cough, breathlessness, allergy attacks, and respiratory problems. The condition causes so much discomfort that you cannot sleep soundly at night. Installing a humidifier will add enough moisture into airways, thus alleviating the symptoms of dry cough. It helps in releasing phlegm, thus making you feel comfortable. 

You will notice that your skin, hair, and lips turn extremely dry during the cold months. Your skin feels itchy, lips crack, and your hair full of dandruff due to a flaky scalp. Avoid using heating pumps that add dry, hot air into your home or office, making your skin itchy, dry, and flaky. The cold air will also damage your hair and skin. Using humidifiers will keep your indoor air moist to prevent dry hair and skin. 

Check out the research on Best Humidifiers – Our Picks and Buying Guide to learn more about humidifiers, read reviews and make informed decisions before buying one this season.

Move Your Body:

When the weather gets colder we want to turn up the heater or sit by the fireplace with a blanket. But try to squeeze in some form of exercise to move your body. Doing stretches, yoga, exercise for even as little as 5 minutes can increase your energy level. Read about How 3 minutes of exercise a day can make a difference for your entire lifetime.

Take Rest When Rest is Due:

Ensure you’re getting enough rest. Did you realize that not getting enough rest may prompt an expanded craving and thus, weight gain? In the Fall season, the days get shorter, which can disrupt your rest cycles. Which is why it’s better to doze off earlier at night instead of binging on your favorite show. A full night’s sleep will help you feel and be more active the next day.

See how easy these tips are? Follow these quick tips to stay healthy and active in colder months.

how to stay healthy in colder months
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