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how to wear boots

Your Complete Style Guide on How to Wear 6 Different Types of Boots

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan


6 Different Boots and How to Style Those:


Fashion is a dynamic concept and it keeps on changing every now and then. However, some fashion fundamentals never change. Boots are always on the top of style and exude top-notch style. Match your ensemble with the appropriate boots and you are bang on top in the fashion game. With many options of boots available, it becomes confusing which boots are the must for your closet and how they should be styled and paired up with different outfits.

Here is a quick guide on the types of women boots you must own and how they should be coordinated with your outfits to have that perfect stylish look.

how to wear boots

6 Types of Boots:


Ankle Boots –

A stylish wardrobe staple, ankle boots add abundant vivacity to your outfit. Ankle boots reach just above the ankle and this sporty look makes the ankle slightly wide in shape. These boots are the best for street-style cool appearance.

How to wear: Wear classic boots with mini skirts and dresses or with skinny or cropped jeans or leggings: you will look smart and attractive.

how to wear ankle boots

Chelsea Boots –

These boots are a smart buy for your closet. Extremely comfortable to wear, these boots come with a flat or medium block heel along with multiple colors, and silhouette options. They look trendy and casual and comfortable too.

How to wear: Chelsea boots are aptly matched with a midi skirt, fluffy knitted sweaters or skinny pair of jeans or leggings: it gives you an ageless trendsetting look.

how to wear chelsea boots

Combat Boots

A pair of combat boots is a handy choice, as these boots are all-weather compatible. They can be styled differently with different ensembles. It is always wise to wear these boots with casual outfits.

How to wear: Wear your black skinny jeans with a denim jacket or a white shirt paired up with combat boots: you will look awesome.

how to wear combat boots

Knee-High Boots –

As the name suggests, knee-high boots run up to the knee and are perfect as winterwear since they tend to keep your legs warmer. These boots come in a variety of color options and mostly with buckles or straps or a zipper. These boots are simple and look stylish and easily can go with several kinds of outfits.

How to wear: Knee-high boots can be worn with dresses, pants, leggings, and skirts. These boots will add a long and lean look, so it is ideally perfect for short women.

how to wear knee high boots

Oxford Boots –

Formal and chic are the two words that perfectly define oxford boots. These boots are designed with a narrow V opening where the laces are kept fixed to the front half stitched on the top of the back half. They display a sophisticated look and make a perfect pair of stylish boots for your flamboyant look.

How to wear: Oxford boots, if paired with short skirts and dresses, creates a jazzy yet classic style. You may match your skinny or boyfriend jeans and ankle pants with your oxford boots as well.

how to wear oxford boots

Riding Boots –

Riding Boots are one of the classic boots that never go out of fashion and are the must for your wardrobe. These run up high and are built with a strong toe with a distinct small heel. They fit ideally around the calves.  A quality pair of riding boots is most durable and a versatile footwear when it comes to comfort.

How to wear: A pair of riding boots suits very well with short and long down coats, skinny pants or jeans that can be tucked into the boots.

how to wear riding boots

Enjoy the style game by owning all these women boots and embellishing them with the suited outfits to look classy and trendy at every glance. Check out the previous post to know how you can make a high heel shoe comfortable.


how to wear boots

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