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15 Fall/Autumn Manicure & Nail Color Ideas You Will Fall in Love With

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Fall is around the corner so it’s high time you bring out your A-game for Fall fashion. To start off the Fall fashion series, today we are going to talk about nail colors and manicure ideas. From light colors like cream, beige to darker rich colors and glitters, here are 15 manicure and nail color ideas perfect for Fall and also Winter.

15 Fall Nail Color & Manicure Ideas:


White nail polish is not only for Summer days ladies. Rich creamy white color by itself or with a pop of silver, gold will look amazing on colder days. You can wear the white with your favorite gold and silver rings for the fall season. You can also add small dots to make it a fun polka-dotted manicure.

white nail color
warm white nail
polka dot manicure

Blush and Neutral:

Blush colors are so in-trend! If you want to add this color to your wardrobe, start by getting a blush-toned manicure. Choose a neutral pink shade that has a mix of both warm and cool undertones. Warm Toffee, Beige, Gray cream, Sand- these neutral shades are gorgeous for any outfit at any time.

blush colored manicure


Inky forest-green, olive green in matte, glitter or glossy finish is absolutely perfect and trendiest for Fall. You can go for the darker moody hues if you are not comfortable with the color.

olive green nails
green manicure


Rich blues like navy blue is another great choice for Fall. Navy inky blue gives a more sophisticated, grown-up vibe for the fall season. Pair it with white and silver for a stunning manicure.

metallic blue manicure


Burgundy, Eggplant, Purple, Plum all of these are great for Fall and Winter. Go for a metallic or matte finish and wear it with your favorite rings. Add a pop of blue or shimmers with the purple and flaunt your manicure.

metallic purple manicure
matte purple nails


Red is an ageless, sophisticated color which is perfect for anybody and everybody. You just have to find out a shade of red that goes with your skin color and undertone. Bright red, vampy dark red, maroon, almost-black red nails by itself or with gold/silver glitters goes pretty well in Fall and Winter season.

bright red nails
wine red nails
red manicure


Pure black or Black shades with blue or green finish are my go-to for any season, but in Fall-Winter season they look rich and luxurious. Opt for a creamy formula while choosing a darker color.

black gel nails
Fall Winter Nail Manicure Ideas
Fall Winter Nail Manicure Ideas

So there you go! My top 15 picks for Fall months. Even if I haven’t included your go-to favorite color, doesn’t mean you can not wear it! Try out different colors in different finishes to figure out which one is going to be your favorite one for this Fall season. Whatever color you choose, use it with a good base coat and cuticle oil for nail and cuticle health. Check out My Experience with NAIL MEDIC by PRETTY WOMAN nail products.

What’s your favorite nail color? Share in a comment below.

Fall Nail Manicure Ideas

Fall Winter Nail Manicure Ideas

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