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Floral Style Trend

Floral Style Trends We’re Loving Right Now

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Even though spring has come and gone, floral is still in! It’s one of the trendiest prints of 2019 and with so many different styles to choose from, there’s a feminine, artistic, and beautifully-designed piece for everyone! So all the flower-lovers out there, here are 5 Floral Style Trends in fashion, food and everyday beauty you can incorporate in your life.

5 Floral Style Trends

1. Jewelry and Accessories

Don’t be surprised when floral prints start popping up on everything in your jewelry collection. From pendants to watches and super cute floral hair ties, it’s an absolute flower power accessories invasion! Even Gucci is getting in on the floral trend with their signature G-Print floral watch.

Hot brands are adding flower prints featuring delicate florals, like roses, posies, and mixed bouquets to their collections. Floral accessories, like handbags, are easy-to-wear and help make a statement next to simple colors in your favorite outfits. Adding a floral kimono to your outfit is simple, but it can have a huge impact on the way your outfit looks. 

 Floral Style Trends

2. Florals in Beauty

Not only are floral makeup colors trending right now, but so are skincare products that feature the power of all-natural floral ingredients. Essential oils, for example, many of which are derived from flowers, are very popular in the beauty space right now! They’re natural, easy-to-add into any routine, and will help you to look and feel, your best. You can use essential oils as a natural way to boost your energy, dissolve blemishes, and even relax after a hard day at work!

essential oils

3. Dresses for Every Event

Move over, prairie dresses! Florals are hot right now, and there are so many different ways to wear floral dresses! From short and flirty to long and flowy, you can find a floral dress that fits your style no matter what. 

You can find floral patterns that range from country chic to bold tropical. We love the casual femininity that comes from rocking a floral frock — you feel good about the way you look and how on-trend you are! While many floral dresses come in bright hues and work for the summer months, you can also find muted patterns for winter.

Worried you’ll look like your grandma’s curtains? Start out with a small print. Tiny floral prints make for an easy way to incorporate this style into your everyday wardrobe without making the same bold statement as a big floral pattern. Lighter colors can also help you blend in while still giving the floral trend a try. 

Floral patterned dress
 Floral Style Trends

4. Florals Foodies

Let’s be real. Good food pictures on Insta are just as trendy as your outfit-of-the-day, fashion selfies. Not only are florals hot in every area of fashion, but they’ve also invaded our kitchens…… and we’re loving it!

From adorable floral patterned coffee mugs to delicate blue flowers on our favorite vintage-inspired china and flatware, florals are all over the kitchen this season. Snap a picture of a coffee mug with a charming floral print or some other kitchenware inspired by this season’s hottest trends to show off your floral love!

Don’t want to add floral styled kitchenware? Try adding actual flowers in your dining area for a beautiful pop of color and happiness.

 Floral Style Trends in food

5. Men’s Shirts

Florals have forever been a ladies choice, coming in and out of style over the years, but today they’re not the only ones rocking this beloved pattern. Bright flowers and tropical prints are merging and making their way on guy’s clothing racks across the world. Much of the time, the bright floral designs will contrast with a dark background, making the perfect graphic tee to pair with jeans for any kind of casual outing.

 Floral Style Trends in men's shirt

Try Mixing Your Florals Up

If you (like most of us) have learned that you should never mix patterns, then it can be overwhelming to try mixing floral prints. Don’t let that scare you, though! When you mix florals the right way, you can make a bold statement that’s chic and unforgettable!

Pick two pieces of different colors and print sizes — like a dress with an adorable floral headband — to really take this trend to the max! Go for a bold flower pattern on your dress and a more subtle pattern in your accessories. You can always pop the accessories off if you feel like your prints are clashing!

 Floral Style Trends with Polka dots

Shop Floral Print Dress:

There are so many options for color combinations when you choose to mix your floral prints! What will be your first go-to?

 Floral Style Trends in women's dress
 Floral Style Trends in fashion
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