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Spring Print Trends That Will Help You Become The Mix Master

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

With spring in the air, every fashion lover is starting to wonder what are the Spring print trends for this year. The answer is prints, prints, and more prints. Flowers, polka dots, animal prints, and many other trendy patterns are here to be mixed and matched. So, before you go out shopping, here are some tips on what prints and patterns to look for and how to incorporate them into your style:

Spring Print Trends: Animal print

Most likely the boldest of the prints out there, animal print has managed to find its place in yet another season. To be completely fair, leopard and zebra patterns seem to be on trend for quite some time now. However, although animal print can transform any outfit from basic to fabulous, try not to go overboard and do not combine an animal-printed suit with chunky, statement necklace and bracelet. Try spicing up a monochromatic look with a cheetah print blazer, or wear a simple, white T-shirt with a stylish, leopard print skirt. There are plenty of ways in which you can elegantly wear an animal print, and a proof of that is certainly the fact that a number of designers, such as Gucci and Off-White have included this pattern into their newest collections.

Spring Print Trends in fashion- Animal Print

Spring Print Trends: Floral print

Although not quite unexpected, flowers are still a great choice of pattern to include in your look. Designer labels such as Erdem and Carolina Herrera have therefore presented different flower-inspired outfits on the runways this year. In addition, many other fashion stores and online clothes shops offer pieces that are inspired by flowers. Celebrate spring by wearing floaty, flower-patterned silk dresses or opt for a floral denim jacket, as one of the ways in which a classic piece such as a denim jacket can be revived for spring. If you want to achieve an Instagram-worthy look for spring, a floral bomber jacket similar to the ones Louis Vuitton presented, may be the right choice for you.

Spring Print Trends in fashion- floral Print

Spring Print Trends: Polka dot pattern

Tiny or oversized polka dot fabrics can make any piece sophisticated, but also playful enough to be worthy of a spring outfit. This trend has been on the fashion scene for decades now and has remained adored by many, including a number of celebrities. An elegant Max Mara dress with a polka dot pattern or a feminine Dolce & Gabbana suit are a perfect choice for a formal, spring event. In addition, a totally black and white look, consisting of printed polka dots exclusively, is a retro style that many trendsetters will be wearing this spring. If you want to make your polka dots a bit more romantic, cute polka dot lace dresses are an amazing fashionable option, as you can wear them with high heels as well as with sneakers.

Spring Print Trends in fashion- polka dot

Spring Print Trends: Checked pattern

Oscar de la Renta and Balenciaga opted for black and white checked-patterned dresses as a way of welcoming warmer months, and fashion lovers around the world are thrilled about it. Therefore, if you are searching for a way to add a breath of spring to your beloved monochromatic style, checks are a great option for you. You can go for the checked pattern on an off-the-shoulder dress or a blazer with the same pattern, which will add a trendy hue to a classic black dress you can wear underneath. On the other hand, if you are aiming for a cool and casual look, matching classic checkered Vans with your outfit is a snazzy way of achieving your style goals.  

Spring Print Trends in fashion- checked pattern skirt

Tie-dye prints

Vibrant colors and boho vibes represent an excellent welcoming gesture for a marvelous thing called spring. Designers are well aware of this, so they incorporated the tie-dye print on rainbow jackets inspired by the hippie era, as well as on the colorful, pastel bodysuits matched with denim shorts. You can recreate both of these two fabulous outfits, having in mind that a flamboyant jacket can be a modern spin on the 1960’s fashion trends, and a comfortable piece such as a bodysuit can be incredibly chic if tie-dyed. However, you can keep it simple and retro looking with a tie-dye cotton T-shirt Stella McCartney presented for this season or with denim jeans dyed in the same manner. There are plenty of choices for mixing, as tie-dye is the ultimate fashion hit for the spring of 2019.

Spring Print Trends in fashion- tie dye print

Finally, embrace the spring in its fullest by dressing for it. You already know that a spring look is proper only with prints. You may opt for a basic piece such as a T-shirt and wear one that is covered in polka dots or you may decide to match mixed prints, floral dress and pastel tie-dye jacket, for example. Whatever your print outfit of choice turns out to be, there is no doubt that it will be trendy and worthy of a runway walk.

Spring Print Trends in fashion- floral print

So which print would you be wearing this season? Leave a comment below!

Spring Print Trends in fashion-
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