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how to wake up early and exercise

7 Tips to Wake Up Early for Better Rewarding Results of Workout

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Last week we talked about exercise and how it can negatively affect our oral health. In today’s article, we are going to talk about the easy tips you can follow to wake up early for a rewarding workout.

Morning exercise and workouts are known to be more beneficial for our body. Various studies have shown that morning exercise gives us more energy. Extra doses of energy are always welcome. No matter how much we agree with this statement, but most of us love to switch off that morning alarm and steal a nap or two. 

Waking up early needs determination and sometimes an extra effort. If you are among those who leave the bed coziness with the first ray of sunrise and get ready for the exercise session, then you are a self-motivated person. However, not every individual share the same feeling. Many individuals want to get up early, and they even try their best to make it happen, but somehow fails to do it. 

So, how to get up early? Well, here are 7 tips which would make waking up early easier.

Tips to Wake Up Early:

Before Sleep, Set the Target to Wake Up.

The very first thing that can motivate you to wake up early is to set an achievable target. Morning workout doesn’t mean that you have to get up at 4:00 or 4:30. You can start your morning workout session at 7:00 also. Set the wake-up alarm according to the time required for completion of the workout session, and the time at which you have to start your daily routine. 

It is better to set an achievable target, instead of setting up an alarm at 4:00 which would keep on going on snooze mode. 

waking up at early morning

Keep Everything Updated at Night

If you are planning for an early morning workout session, then try to keep everything ready a night before. This includes your exercise attire, gym bag, etc. This way you will save your time in the morning, which you would otherwise have to spend on deciding what to wear for your gym workout. For some people, already laid gym clothes bedside act as a motivator and remind them about their fitness goal.

If you are a coffee person, then you can even set a timer on your coffee machine. Be it a glass of water by your bedside or a playlist that would open your eyes to keep them ready at the night itself. 

Tips to Wake Up Early and Exercise

Make Sure to Keep Your Alarm at a Distance

One important tip that may help you in getting up early is to keep the alarm at a distance from your bed. As per Dr.Kojian, the most challenging part of waking up early is getting out of the bed. If you place your alarm at a distance, you have to leave your warm bed to turn it off. Once you are out of bed, half of your problem get solved. Just, push yourself a little and get ready for your exercise session.

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Sleep Early and Get Enough Sleep

It’s always early to bed and early to rise. Late-night sleep and early morning wake-ups do not go hand in hand. One can manage it a few times, but making it a routine is neither good for health, nor would it be feasible in the long term.

For adults, peaceful sleep of 8 hours is highly recommended. Our body needs this much time to relax and prepare itself for the next day. If you don’t get enough sleep, you will feel drained out and tired. This will have a direct effect on your workout. Moreover, late-night sleep results in inadequate sleep, and it turns out to be a major turn off for an early morning workout session. 

An easy way to overcome this is to hit the bed earlier each night. You might feel uncomfortable in the beginning, but once it becomes a habit, you would find that it would give you an excellent reason to go for early morning exercise sessions.

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Ditch Your Phone at Night

We don’t even realize, but the truth is our phones turn out to be one of the biggest hindrances in the path of sleeping early. Many a time it happens that we hit the bed early, but still, we don’t go to sleep for hours. We get so busy with our phones that we lose track of time. Hence, going to bed carrying the phone is a complete no-no. 

Life on social media never goes to sleep. But it’s you, who needs to sleep early so that you can get up early for your morning exercise. So, once you are in your bed, keep your phone aside, give a break to your body and mind, and enjoy your sleep.

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Motivate Yourself by Picturising Doing Tomorrow’s Workout Today. 

In case you have an early morning session tomorrow, then you can try visualizing it a day prior. Visualization is a very powerful technique. Once you start imagining yourself performing all the planned exercises that too beating all the earlier records, you would feel self-motivated. We all know that self-motivation is the best motivation. 

Just think about your ideal morning and picturise yourself in it. Once you start having a good feeling about it, getting up the next day would be a lot easier.

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Start with the Workout Routine That You Enjoy

Enjoying workout session is very important if you want to come back again the next morning. If you do not like your current workout session, then go for something that you like. Yes, you might lose fewer exercises, but at least you would feel happier. It’s always better to start up your day with something that you like doing. This way, you will enjoy your workout sessions and even look forward to coming back to them. 

In the beginning, you might have to put an extra effort to get up early. But once, it becomes a part of your daily routine, then there will be no looking back.

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Start implementing these tips from today and see the result. Waking up early and doing an exercise can be as easy as pie when you get a hang of it.

Tips to Wake Up Early and Exercise
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