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Essential Oils in Beauty Routine- art naturals oil

8 Essential Oils You Should Use in Your Beauty Routine

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

If you haven’t noticed already, I prefer a natural approach to skin and health care when there is an opportunity. After my daughter is born. I try to follow this even more.  The other day in the shopping mall, when I overheard someone asking their partner why they need to buy the variety of essential oils and the answer came as: “They smell good”, I immediately had the idea to write about the benefits of essential oils on my blog.

My dear reader, essential oils definitely make the room smell good through a diffuser, but these have so many more uses; I can’t even finish it in one singular post. Which is why I am going to talk about 8 essential oils which should be used in your beauty routine.

Essential Oils in Beauty Routine


An Essentials oil is a highly concentrated form of natural oil of plant origin. Generally, the oil is collected from plant roots, leaves, stems, flowers, or barks by Distillation.  The most common use of essential oils would be adding 5-7 drops of an oil or oil blend of your choice to a diffuser.

The essential oils I am showing here today are from Art Naturals, and these are single (or pure) therapeutic grade oils. This selective collection includes Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Lavender, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Rosemary, Sweet Orange, and Tea Tree oil.



This refreshing earthy oil has anti-fungal properties. Which is why if you have a flaky scalp, you can add a couple of drops of Rosemary oil in your preferred conditioner and use it on your hair.

Sweet Orange:

This is perhaps the most common smell found in air fresheners, at least in my country. I love the invigorating smell of this oil, which is why if you are feeling down under the weather, you are going to love this little DIY body scrub.

Take ½ cup Sugar (white or brown), ½ cup Coconut or Jojoba Oil, 5-7 drops of Sweet Orange oil. It smells really good and leaves the body moisturized and softer.


Frankincense oil has a potent earthy aroma. This oil is famous for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. So if you have dry, chapped or flaky skin, use a drop of this oil into your moisturizer. It will improve the skin condition.

Essential Oils in Beauty Routine


Being a foodie, I always associate Lemongrass with Thai-lime soup. (Yumm!)

But I was pleasantly surprised when I read that this fragrant essential oil can be used in DIY Deodorant recipes! The fresh scent neutralizes body odor, and the antibacterial properties of this kill bad odor-causing bacteria. It’s also said that this oil prevents excessive sweating.

To make the DIY Deodorant spray you will need to do the following:

Take a 4 oz spray bottle. Then add ½ cup of distilled water, 4 drops of lemongrass essential oil, 4 drops of sweet orange or lavender oil. Secure the cap tightly and shake well. Now you can use it after the shower.

Essential Oils in Beauty Routine


This very fresh scented oil can be used in any clay face mask for added benefits. You can use this affordable dead sea clay mask, add a drop of peppermint oil in it


This floral smelling oil helps you to relax and de-stress. It also helps in skin regeneration which is amazing for mature skin, sun spots, and scarring. Use a drop of Lavender oil with a carrier oil like argan or olive oil and use it on your skin.

Essential Oils in Beauty Routine


This oil also has a refreshing earthy aroma and it works great if you use it with coconut oil. Why?

Because it stimulates our hair follicles and reduces the itchiness of scalp. So add a couple of drops of Eucalyptus oil in coconut oil and massage it well on your scalp.

Tea Tree:

Tea Tree oil and acne treatment go hand in hand. If you are having breakouts, use this oil and the acne episode will calm down.

Essential Oils in Beauty Routine


If you start using essential oils, you should also know how to store it properly. Essential oils should be stored in a dark cool environment. If stored correctly, they have a shelf life of approximately 2 years upon opening.


  • Essential oils are for topical and aromatic use only. Do not ingest orally and keep out of eyes, ears, and nose. Never put pure oils directly on your skin.
  • These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  • Always be sure to do a patch test to make sure your skin does not have an adverse reaction to the oils. The inner forearm is a great place to do a test since the skin is delicate, similar to facial skin.
  • These oils should be diluted in a carrier oil from 2% to a maximum of 5%. For every 1 ml of carrier oil, you would add 1 drop of  Essential oil. Carrier oils are macadamia nut, kukui nut, rose hip, sweet almond, avocado, coconut and olive oil.
  • If you want to use it for pregnant women, infants, and/or young children, please ask the doctor first.


You can get essential oils from your natural grocery store or online straight from the widget below.

Whether you have 5 minutes to spare in your shower or 30 minutes, the use of essential oils will surely make it a pleasant one. So try it today and let me know what you think!


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