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How to Release Negative Energy

Simple Steps on How To Release Negative Energy

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

One thing in today’s world that is accelerating is Negativity. The pandemic, social, and economic situation creates negative energy within us, fueling frustration, conflict, depression, and health difficulties. Not all of us can control and let go of the negative energy. This is why I have turned to an expert Carrie Rowan and asked her how to release negative energy.

Carrie Rowan is the author of Tell A New Story, and she is going to share with us how to leave behind negativity to shift the direction of the lives to positivity. I highly encourage you to read this till the end because I surely got inspired and motivated by talking to her! Thank you Carrie for sharing your wisdom with us!

How To Release Negative Energy:

motivation to release negative energy

Between being hopelessly positive and positively optimistic, which one would you choose on a very bad day and why?

I would choose positively optimistic because it is a higher vibration than the word hopeless. Having an attitude of positive expectation will bring more of what you desire into your life. 
Setting an intention every day that you want to feel a little bit better and more positive will help you look for what is working in your life, which will attract more thoughts that align with how you are feeling. When you start feeling a little bit better each day, it has a cumulative effect, and in a short period of time, you will find yourself positively optimistic not just every so often, but every day. 

How to Release Negative Energy

What is your secret to having a positive mindset?

The secret to having and maintaining a positive mindset is to set it first thing in the morning deliberately. As soon as you wake up and before you even get out of bed, find one small thing to feel grateful for, like your cozy bed or pillow, the smell of coffee brewing downstairs, or something you are looking forward to later on.  This sets a positive tone for the day and trains your mind to look for what is working instead of what is not. 
Getting ahead of mindset like this allows you to choose how you want to feel before the stuff starts to hit the fan.  It’s easier to do than chasing positive mindset midday.  Remember to stop and find a few things to feel grateful for any time during the day when you feel like you’re getting off track. 

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positive mindset

How would you advise someone to practice the art of “letting go of negativity”?

I would recommend meditation for letting go of negativity.  As you probably already heard, meditation is good for you on so many levels, as it will transform your outlook, mindset, and longevity.  Starting to meditate every day will have a cumulative and positive effect on your mindset and outlook on life.  It doesn’t really matter what type of meditation you choose; pick one that resonates with you and do it every day.
The simple act of quieting your mind calms your nervous system and gives you the space to respond to situations instead of reacting from a place of memorized emotions or knee jerk reactions.  When you create this space of calm in your mind and body, you get to carry it with you all day long.  Meditation releases your stress and creates a wave of calm that resides inside of you along with quiet confidence knowing you can call on it throughout the day when you need it most.

meditation to release negative energy

If you can give one special tip to the reader of Sifa’s Corner, what would that be?

One special tip I would offer Sifa’s Corner readers is to have more fun.  Deliberately add things to your schedule just to have fun and nothing more, especially during these unprecedented times.  It doesn’t have to be anything grand, just going for a hike somewhere beautiful with a friend is fun. 
Meeting for a picnic in a park can be an enjoyable way to catch up with a friend, or even just reaching out to a long lost friend on the phone can add laughter and surprise to your day.
Take a trip to the library and pick out a new and exciting book, and set aside time for yourself to read it. [If you can’t make it to the library, check out this list of Top 6 Books & Podcasts Which Will Keep You Motivated.]
Make a list of all the things you love doing that brings you joy and post it up to remind you to choose things from this list every day. Adding fun back into your daily life will help bring more joy to you right away, and living in joy is what we all came here to do anyway!

Carrie Rowan

More about Carrie Rowan:

Carrie Rowan is an International Best Selling Author on Amazon and an Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter.  She is a certified coach and founder of the STORY method that helps people write a new and empowering story. She is a teacher and speaker uniquely combining the power of provocative storytelling with live music.
Rowan spent a decade working for Fortune 500 companies before jumping off the corporate ladder to pursue her creative endeavors and inspire others to follow their passions. She is a published writer in the Spirit of Change Magazine. She has been a featured artist for Baystate Parent Magazine, New England Cable News Coffeehouse Series, and the Natural Living Expo. She is also a mom of 2 amazing teenagers and lives in Massachusetts with her husband, two children, and their dog Willy.

How do you keep yourself motivated and release negative energy? If you have any special tips, do share them with us!

How to Release Negative Energy

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