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Fun At-Home Fitness Routines

10 Fun At-Home Fitness Routines for those who don’t like “Workouts”

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Desperate times mean desperate measures….if you wanna stay healthy and active. As most of us are now quarantined at home many of us are feeling down or inactive. This is why I have listed down my top 10 fun At-Home Fitness Routines that you can do without any additional fitness equipment. Bonus: these do not feel like doing “workouts”, rather fun activities.

I have been a work-from-home individual for the last 6 years, so I know how easy it is to let go of your active status and sit all day on the chair and work. You gradually develop unhealthy habits without noticing them. One day you are fully dressed up and going to work/ gym/ outside, and the next thing you know you are working from home, still in your PJs, living on coffee and snacks and sitting on the couch with your laptop all day. It’s not a pretty sight, I tell you!

And this is why I am here to guide you and share my routines which I have tried out in the past 6 years. Keep on reading.

Fun At-Home Fitness Routines:

The following fitness routines mostly do not need any special equipment. But they can be really fun if you do these with your loved ones. If you can include the rest of the family, these can be fun and healthy alternatives to watching TV or sitting in front of the computer.

1. Cleaning/ Vacuuming the Whole House:

Utilize the Spring season and start doing “Spring Cleaning” this year, for real. Instead of doing all the house at once, go for room by room and clean them thoroughly. My health doesn’t permit to stretch my arms above my shoulders, so cleaning the top of the window area or the corners of the walls (cobwebs, I see ya!) can be a little tricky for me. Which is why I use a very long stick and tie a broom/cleaning cloth on its end. Wipe the furniture, vacuum every nook and corner of the house, clean the carpet every day. Reorganize the rooms, go for the Konmari method… Just keep your mind and health engaged in a positive activity.

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Fitness Routines-cleaning house

2 . Walking Across the Whole House While Facetiming your Besties:

Do you know how much time you spend every day talking to your friends or family members on the phone? Utilize this time and start walking while talking. Make it like a power walk…. but around the house.

3 . Dancing:

Put your hands up if you are a dance-shy person….(puts hands up!). First of all, keep in mind that nobody is going to judge you when you are st home, secondly- you are doing this with your loved ones, so it’s a fun experiment (and also a fitness routine). Crank up the music, turn on the volume and start dancing! I have found some awesome fitness channels who teach Zumba on YouTube. These are free and fun ways to burn fat and stay active every day from home. I feel like it’s one of the best fun at-home fitness routines.

Fitness Routine- Dancing

4 . Throwing Kicks In The Air:

You can call this move “Sifa’s Modified Martial Arts” (just kidding!). When you are feeling frustrated and at a frump- just pretend there’s a boxing bag in front of you and start throwing your fists and legs at it. It’s silly, seems pointless but a great exercise.

5 . Jump Roping:

Another fun way to get active! Little boys and girls love this and when you get a hang of it, you are going to love it too! This play will create an adrenalin rush and produce the “feel-good hormones” in our body….which is exactly what we need right now.

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6 . Stair Stepping with your Favorite Music:

This is another activity you can do. If you already have stairs, perfect. Start climbing the stairs 10-20 times, make it more fun with music. If you are in an apartment, use a low stool and step on it- right leg, left leg….. and go on!

7 . Running around playing “Catch me” with your Little One:

Do you have a little one at home? Sweet! They love playing “catch me”. Move some furniture to make a path (if possible), and start playing catch with them. The great thing about this activity is that you are keeping the active little ones busy and burning up your fats at the same time.

Fitness Routines-playing with kids

8 . Working on Computes Standing Up:

….or use a Standing Desk. We work a long time on our computers and if you can work while standing up, it’s gonna be great for your body.

9 . Play video games (that make you be active):

Dance, badminton or any games which make you active- play those video games. Include the rest of the family too. Fun and Fitness- all in one activity!

10 . Sitting on Squatting Position while Watching Netflix:

Why not engage the core muscles of your body while watching your favorite movie or TV show? Sitting is a squatting position for 15 minutes a day is beneficial for your body and engages those muscles which stay inactive during sitting on a regular chair.

Here are the products for at-home fitness routine mentioned in the article:

How are you working on your fitness during this stay-at-home period? Share with us below!

Fun At-Home Fitness Routines

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