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Outfit Ideas for Colder Months

Outfit Ideas for Colder Months for Every Occasion

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Winter is here, and we are ready…….Well, okay, maybe not, but it is an exciting time nonetheless. Aside from the holiday excitement (or doom, whichever boat you are in), the fireside warmth, and the pumpkin spice lattes, if there is one thing every gal looks forward to, it is winter and fall time fashion.

When it comes to fall and winter outfits, there is one unspoken rule to follow at all times: layer! Layering is perhaps the best fashion trend (yes, we picked a favorite) because not only does it ensure warmth and comfort, but it also looks so incredibly chic and high fashion. 

Who’s to complain?

The one aspect of fall and winter clothing that may confuse you is what to wear to what occasion/social setting. Well, in case you need a little bit of inspiration, here are seven outfit ideas for colder months, perfect for every occasion.

Outfit Ideas for Colder Months:

1- Casual 

The colder months are the perfect time to switch up your casual wardrobe. Winters are all about being comfortable. What could possibly be more comfortable than casual clothes?  The best way to switch up your casual outfits is by layering them. The options are endless – how could this not be fun, amirite?

Spice up an everyday pair of jeans and a tee with a cardigan and maybe a custom leather jacket on top. Complete the look with sneakers, ankle boots, or perhaps a pair of pumps; it depends on the vibe you are going for, really.

Add a hint of pizzazz to a casual slip dress by layering it over a button-down shirt and a pair of knee-high boots to keep your legs warm and toasty. Drape a jacket on top, and you are good to do. Try the same trick with a midi skirt and your favorite blouse. Layering is not tricky; just be sure to play with different lengths, colors, and textures to make your outfit unique and exciting.

Outfit Ideas for Colder Months-casual

2- Workwear

When it comes to workwear, the options are somewhat limited, but that does not mean they have to be boring.  In order to stay warm, you have to make sure you are well covered. A tried and tested classic perfect for work is a pantsuit. Pantsuits are incredibly versatile, timeless, comfortable, and, most importantly, fabulously chic. 

The best part about suits, however, is that you can always style them separately. Wear your pants with a different blouse or shirt and throw a cardigan on top. Style your blazer over anything from a dress to a pair of jeans to a pencil skirt – it is all about balance. 

If you aim for a casual work look, try your luck with a jumpsuit paired with a blazer or trench coat and a pair of pumps. A pencil skirt and blouse also work fantastically. Throw on a jacket or an overcoat and complete the look with some boots.  Workwear can be fun to play around with too. If you feel like you have hit a dead end with your clothes, simply accessorize. 

Outfit Ideas for Colder Months-office wear

3- Stylish

Now, this is a tough one. A priority for the colder months is to stay warm. However, comfort and style rarely ever go hand-in-hand. Does one really have to sacrifice style to stay warm and vice versa? Well, not anymore. 

Take a knit dress, for instance. Style it with a pair of knee-high boots, a matching bag, and accessories; maybe even throw a beanie on top. You will look cute as a button. If you do not have knee-high boots, wear your dress with a pair of fleece tights and ankle boots. To take things up a notch, drape a jacket on top – perhaps an edgy cropped number or a chic leather bomber jacket. 

how to be stylish in colder months

4- Formal 

Formal wear follows one code: classy. A formal outfit must be classy and elegant; otherwise, it just does not hit the mark. The key to nailing a formal winter look is to keep it simple and sophisticated.  Try your look with full-length dresses and skirts. Modest cuts, such as longer hemlines and full sleeves, exude an unmatched aura of elegance. You can switch things up with a playful plunging neckline or accessorize to make the outfit more eye-catching. Be sure to drape a formal coat on top. 

If you are a girl who prefers pants, go for them. One of our favorite wintertime pairings when it comes to formal wear is a turtleneck with bell-bottomed pants. Drape an overcoat on top, and you will look like you are ready to take over the world. Sexy, chic, and stunning; this outfit is a winner.

formal outfit for colder months

5- Wedding Guest

Winter weddings are dreamy, but unlike summer weddings, you cannot simply show up wearing a dress; otherwise, you may just freeze. Wedding attire is all about looking elegant; that is it.  The best way to go about a winter wedding is with a trusty formal coat. Your coat will keep you covered and make sure you look super chic. Be sure to accessorize well with chunky earrings, a large clutch bag, and a pair of stunning heels.

You can even sport a pair of pants (Yes, pants to a wedding. It works; trust us.). Our favorite pick is wide-legged pants paired with a satin or lace blouse. Throw on your favorite pair of statement heels (or some accessories) and a cardigan or a trendy jacket on top to complete your ensemble.

wedding outfit ideas for colder months

6- Going Out 

Planning your outfit for a day or night out is nothing short of a trial because you have to consider so many factors. If you are heading to a party or a night out clubbing, you can try something bold and outgoing like leather pants or a leather skirt. Style it with a sparkly slip blouse and throw a jacket on top to stay cozy without compromising on style. 

You may also dare to wear your favorite cocktail dress and heels but remember to throw a massive coat on top to avoid getting frostbitten. Oversized coats are super high fashion and comfortable; it is a win-win situation.

party & going out outfit ideas for colder months

7- Date Night

Date nights are already quite nerve-wracking. The last thing you need in your life is stress over what you will be wearing to one. When it comes to dressing up for a date night, your goal must be to keep it presentable and chic but also easygoing and flirty. Don’t worry; it is not as confusing as it may sound. 

Try your luck with a dress because nothing screams femininity as a dress. Pair your dress with a classy cardigan and a pair of sandals or something more casual, like a denim jacket and sneakers pair.

If you feel comfortable in jeans, keep it simple with a pair of skinny jeans and an oversized sweater. Bring the whole look together with ankle boots or sneakers and perhaps a long-strap leather bag and minimal pieces of jewelry complimenting your face shape. If you are sporting something simple and classy like a little black dress, just throw on your favorite pair of heels and a trench coat or overcoat on top. 

date night outfit ideas for colder months

In a Nutshell, Outfit Ideas for Colder Months…

………..may seem confusing, but it is, in fact, super fun and versatile. You can pull out a bunch of pieces from your arsenal and create a unique outfit every day without having to compromise on comfort or style. So, if you are new to this, our advice is to experiment as much as you can so you can learn about what works and what doesn’t. 

Just be sure to accessorize. Accessories can make or break your entire ensemble. It is also imperative to invest in a good overcoat or trench coat; they always come in handy. So what are you waiting for? Go get styling, girl!

If you try out these outfit ideas for colder months, share with us!

Outfit Ideas for Colder Months
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