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How to Find Work-Life Balance

13 Tips For Achieving A Great Work-Life Balance For Productivity And Happiness

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

The modern world is stressful and hectic at almost all times of the day. With the speed and ease of communication, thanks to advanced technology, it sometimes doesn’t feel like you are ever truly off the clock. This perpetual ‘on’ mode can wear you down extremely easily if you let it and can lead to fatigue and unhappiness. The key is to try and make sure that you stay on top of your work-life balance. Ironically, being disciplined in this regard can actually make you more productive, not less. Let’s look at some ways to strike the right balance.

How to Achieve Work-Life Balance:

1. Ignore Consistency, Think Bigger

The reality is that life throws you curveballs all the time that there can sometimes be no way to avoid it. There’s never going to be a situation where you can guarantee the maintenance of a perfect schedule. Even week to week there’ll be evenings where you’ll need to get some work done. Remember: that’s totally fine, it just should be the exception, not the rule. 

2. Don’t Fret The Little Things

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Don’t work extra hard to punish yourself or fall in a heap. Just keep going!

3. Time Management Is Vital

Structuring your days means that you can start to draw borders. Without time management, everything is one big soupy mess, work, and life spilling all over each other. These clear divisions will help. Read more about time management on 6 Hacks for Work At Home Mothers with a kid under 4!

How to Find Work-Life Balance- time management

4. Buddy Up

Find a friend to monitor and let them monitor you. Between the two of you, you can definitely keep each other productive and happy.

5. Find The Time For Hobbies

All through your life, people emphasize the importance of your career: your parents, your partners, friends, your employees, your bank account, the list goes on. If you step back though, you’ll see that you shouldn’t value your interests and the exploration of those interests any less than your career. This means blocking out specific time windows that you keep sacred just for this purpose.

6. Take Your Time

Life can feel so pressured at times, in a way that can really put things out of perspective. There’s always time to do the things you want to, so long as you are proactive and positive. Loading it all on at once is a surefire way to find yourself burnt out and unable to do anything. 

How to Find Work-Life Balance for productivity and happiness

7. Have More Days To Yourself

People under-value self-care so much. Though, of course, it’s not as important as some other parts of life, being able to put everything on pause and look after yourself for a day can energize you in ways that you wouldn’t necessarily have thought possible previously. It’s just an amazing chance to relax and re-center yourself.

8. Have Long Term And Short-Term Goals

Not knowing where you’re going is an easy way to get lost in your career and life. You need to have goals on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t meet them! Here are the top tips on working from home: Working from Home Myths & Tips: Sharing My 6-years Worth of Experience

9. Exercise

It boosts energy levels, improves sleep, can be fun, and is an excellent way to clear your mind. This one is a no brainer. Fit it in! Here a great article to get you started: 10 Fun At-Home Fitness Routines for those who don’t like “Workouts”

How to Find Work-Life Balance- exercise

10. Monitor Your Gadget Use

Definitely one of the hardest parts about living in the modern era is how amazingly powerful the simple cellphone is. One minute you’re playing some Candy Crush whilst relaxing on the couch, the next you’re on a conference call with 8 representatives from across the world, taking notes on the meeting. You need to find the discipline to turn gadgets off to truly leave work behind.

11. Email Efficiency

Emails are an inevitable part of every adult’s life. They are still the choice mode of professional communication, so you need to actually block out time to read and answer them to avoid getting swamped.

12. Eat Healthily

Just like the exercise, eating well can really impact productivity and energy, giving you that extra boost. To know more about how to eat healthy while working from home read- Top 5 Nutrition Tips When You Are Working From Home.

13. Sleep Well

7-9 hours every night ensures your days are full and productive, Not to mention the array of health benefits.

It’s always a difficult task to get your work-life balance in check. Hopefully, this list will give you some good ideas for the future. Good luck!

How to Find Work-Life Balance
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