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Best Footwear for Chronic Pain

Healthy Lifestyle Hack: Best Footwear for People with Chronic Pain

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Human feet, with more than 200 muscles, 66 joints, 52 bones, and ligaments & tendons, are high-exactness parts of our body that enable us to connect with the earth, offer mobility, balance, and support to our body structure.  However, we frequently neglect and even misuse them-by pushing them into footwear that doesn’t fit leads to uncomfortable styles for our particular feet. A wrong selection of shoes could be a bad decision for people who are already suffering from chronic pain. So, make sure when you choose a pair of shoes for casual wear or for any special occasion, that should be comfortable as well as perfect looking for your special event. 

To lessen your feet pain and keep them healthier & comfortable all the time, we have come up with Best Footwear for People with Chronic Pain for a Healthy Lifestyle.

4 Best Footwear for People with Chronic Pain:


Strappy Sandals are those which offer support and comfort with a sole and a couple of thin bits of leather to keep your foot in place. In case you are suffering from arthritis, go for shoes with more cushioning support.  Wide width shoes with straps let you adjust your feet for a secure and custom fit. Make sure you avoid sandals with straps that cut crosswise over delicate areas of your foot.


Athletic sneakers come with perfectly designed cushioned midsole and heel that provide support to control overpronation and motion, a tendency for your feet to move inward more than it requires shocking absorption and for optimal weight distribution. As per recent research, it has been found that stability shoes can a good choice for some with toe arthritis or pain in the footpad as it helps to take the weight off the ball of the foot and offer great cushioning and motion control for patients with arthritis.


Those with Diabetes can get comfort from Orthofeet Diabetic Shoes. These can give you premium comfort as they have top-level interior lining and high-quality sole for a comfortable experience. These shoes have an ergonomic design and motion-enhancing outsole which lets people with arthritis pain walk in comfort. These are wide width shoes, so your toes and feet will not have to suffer from pressure as they will have great space for flexing and breathing.


Boots can be the balancing and healthy alternative for individuals with chronic pain due to ankle arthritis. Though high-heeled styles can look amazing on the models, they are not a great option for individuals with arthritis. You can choose boots with low, stable, rubber wedged heels with great curve support. Climbing boots are truly best for durable and great lower leg support. Read the previous article on Maddy Ankle Boots by SAS Shoes: Where Style Meets Comfort

Tips for A Healthier Feet:

  • Foot problems are a common thing in people with diabetes. So, managing blood sugar would be the main priority for them. A regular check-up of this is very essential.  Check out wide width shoes to see a vast number of shoes that can provide adequate support and fit properly in your feet.
  • Check your feet properly every single day. Look between toes for cuts, blisters, and scratches. Check if there are ingrown toenails, calluses, or corns present.
  • Properly wash and dry your feet daily. Use mild soaps for feet and wash them with warm water. Do try to trim or cut calluses with any kind of sharp object.
  • Simply try to avoid extreme temperatures. Firstly test the water with your elbow or the tip of your finger before taking a bath, and never walk barefoot, especially on the hot surfaces like floor or a sandy beach.
  • If your feet are cold at night, wear socks and avoid using hot water bottles or heating pads.
  • Before putting on shoes or socks, look inside them for any kind of foreign objects, nail points and torn linings. Never wear shoes without socks.
  • Regularly change your socks. Do not wear too tight socks in any case, or socks having seams, holes or tears. The best option is to opt for cotton, wool or cotton-wool blend options.
  • Buy shoes that fit you well and feel comfortable too. Don’t assume that they’ll stretch out. Avoid wearing flip-flops, high heels, and other open-toed shoes/sandals which will be difficult to maintain in your chronic pain.
  • Cut your nails straight across. Smooth them with a nail file after cutting them. Never cut calluses or corns, or use any kind of chemical to remove them. Follow the advice of your physician and regularly visit them for a check-up. 

I hope the above-mentioned type of shoes can help you pick the right shoes to better manage the chronic pain. Leave a comment below to share how you manage your chronic pain with proper footwear.

Best Footwear for Chronic Pain

About the guest writer:

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