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Mindful practices for digital nomads

7 Mindful Practices for Digital Nomads

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Being a digital nomad is a lifestyle that many of us dream about, but for those who go out there and make it happen there are inevitably a couple of downsides too. Just because you’re free to work on what you like when you like, and to do it wherever the mood takes you, doesn’t mean you don’t need to stay on top of your mental health. Working and traveling can quickly drain your energy and leave you feeling a little burned out, which is why mindfulness is the key to longevity in the digital nomad world. Here are 7 mindful practices you can use to ensure you stay the course for as long as you want to. 

7 Mindful Practices for Digital Nomads:

Start a bullet journal to help organize your thoughts 

Bullet journaling is all the rage these days and with good reason. It allows you to quickly and effectively clarify and organize your thoughts so you get on with life. If you’re blessed with the freedom to live a truly nomadic life then you might find you start to drift without purpose or direction. Whilst this can often make a welcome change for a couple of weeks, the vast majority of us will need some structure after the initial period of relaxation. Bullet journalling allows you to create your own structure in just a couple of minutes a day and is well worth a closer look if you’ve never tried it. 

Take the time to reflect on the events of the day

Reflection is one of the most mindful things you can do, and there’s a lot more to it than tweeting about your escapades or texting a friend for an hour in the evening. What you want to do is just sit — nothing more than that. It’s the time when you can be still, silent, and start to process what happened earlier on in the day. It’ll probably feel alien to have your TV turned off and your phone on silent in a different room, but don’t worry about that for now. All you need to do is reflect on the events of the day so you can figure out what it all means. 

Set yourself clear quantifiable goals 

We mentioned a little earlier on that being a nomad can sometimes leave you lacking that direction and structure that’s vital to living a fulfilling life. If you set yourself clear goals with quantifiable deliverables then you’ll have something you can focus on at set points during your day. Perhaps you want to earn £2,000 a week without having to work a minute past midday? It would be good, and because it’s quantified it’s a lot more achievable than deciding to simply work less and earn more. 

Use positive affirmations to build your confidence 

Positive affirmations are all about talking to yourself in a kind and motivational way that’s designed to give you the confidence you need to make things happen. The key thing to remember is that an affirmation by itself isn’t going to make you successful. What it will do however is put you in the success mindset that’s a vital component of a successful working life. 

Schedule a time to connect with your loved ones back home 

When you’re in the wind and living the life the rest of the people you know back home can only dream of, you still need to stay connected with them. They’re the people you care about most in the world, and they’re the ones you’ll go and visit and stay with when you decide to take a break from life on the move. By having a weekly time slot to FaceTime them you’ll be able to build social interactions into your typical week. Ideal if you want to stay connected with the people and places that matter most to you. 

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Get a coach to help you unlock your true potential 

When you want to get out there and enjoy your life there’s no substitute for having someone you can turn to when you want to talk things over. A mindfulness coach is a great tool to have in your back pocket whether you simply want to ensure you’re working on becoming the best version of yourself or considering a career change. By becoming the best version of yourself you can be, you can unlock your true potential and start living your best life. What could be better than that?

Compile a list of everything that’s great about being a nomad 

One of the best ways to be mindful is to be thankful. This is a nice and easy one to finish with and only demands that you sit back and write down everything that’s good about being a digital nomad. Take your time, get everything down that you would want to tell someone else thinking of following you, then read it back to yourself at several points throughout the day. It will allow you to move past the minor annoyances and disagreeable situations we can become focused on all too easily. Just what you need to gain perspective as you never lose sight of the big picture. 

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How do you stay on top of your mental health? Share your tips and advice below!

Mindful practices for digital nomads
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