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6 Creative Beauty Trends to Rock in 2016

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Guest Post

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2016 is almost coming to an end! So we are here today to bring you the 6 creative beauty trends which were widely seen this year, from runways to beauty youtube videos. The article is contributed by lovely Selina. Keep on reading!


Every year, beauty trends come and go, and it can seem impossible to keep up with them. The best trends of 2016 make it easy because they focus on letting lose, getting creative and being you! Let’s check out 6 of the hottest, individualistic trends of the season.

Makeup Glitter Explosions

The sparkles of previous decades have been gradually making their way back into the beauty world over the years, but 2016 is proving to be the year for wearable glitter. Perfect for incorporating into eyeliner, covering your eyelids in, or adding graphic designs with glitter on your face, incorporating some sparkle is definitely in fashion this year, especially when done in a way that screams high fashion and not craft-project-gone-wrong.


You can add glitter to your makeup in many ways. For a unique, trendy look, try wearing a clean line of glitter right underneath brow bone in the same shape as your eyebrow. Another glitter look that has been particularly popular this year is glitter tears. Create this look on your own eyes by wearing simple, thing black liner on your top lid. Then, apply moisturizer along your lower lash line and create a small triangle of glitter pointing downward on top of it. If you wind up looking like you’ve just started crying sparkles, you’ve got the look right!


Glitter Roots

The glitter trend didn’t stop at the face, either! Another popular style that is proving to be surprisingly wearable is glitter roots. With any parted hairstyle such as pigtail braids or alien buns, simply use spray on glitter focused on the roots along your part. You’ll never feel more like a star than you do with this on trend look!

Image Source: Instagram user thewyldshop

Image Source: Instagram user thewyldshop

Dark(er) Lips This Fall

Wearing darker lips in the fall is nothing new. Just like hair color, darker is trendier when the winter season hits. The difference this year is that the trend isn’t just deeper reds and berry colors; the colors in trend are the darkest of reds, purples, berries, and blacks. Call it gothic, call it chic, call it whatever you want. We’ll just call it on trend. Try choosing a dark color with a purple tint over those with red tints to be even more on trend.


Stained Red Lips

If you invested in the trend of bold red lips earlier in 2016, fear not: you can still use that lipstick. This time, apply the lipstick lightly and then use a tissue to slightly remove it, particularly around the edges of the lips. This might give you pause as it will look like some of your lipstick came off …and that’s the point! Stained lips are in a bold red color this season. Look cooler than ever just by intentionally smudging your lips a bit for that perfect leftover lipstick look.


Glossy Lids & Lips

While some people look back on the over glossing of the 90s with regret, be assured that this look isn’t reviving the full face of gloss so soon. Instead, the glossy look of 2016 is done with nourishing lip oils that give a healthy, shiny look while revitalizing your lips that might be worn out from matte lip trends. For the eyes, a bit of shine on the lids is no longer a sign of greasiness, but a sign of beauty. Black eyeliner and clear, glossy lids with a natural or matte lip will draw all the attention to your eyes.


Messy, Natural Hair

One of the best things that have come out of 2016 hair trends is a turn to the natural. “Intentionally messy hair” is a great way to describe this look.

Have some frizz? Go ahead and tame it a little bit if you’d like, but incorporate it into your style for a look that screams natural beauty.

Tired of straightening those curls? Stop! Boost their volume and let your true look shine.

Tight brands are still in, but add some baby hairs around your face or crimping to make the whole look feel more natural.


The main takeaway from these trends is that 2016 is a year in which the trends want you to be as true to yourself as possible: embrace that!

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Selina Haller, is a hair extensions writer. She has an in-depth knowledge in hair extensions style and their beauty. She extensively writes about hair style, fashion hair and hair extensions protect tips. “Love beauty, then love others” is her belief.

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