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5 Easy Ways to Update Your Wardrobe for Spring

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Spring is here! That means one thing, time to put away the winter woollies and give your wardrobe a nice start for the warmer months of the year! We can now start to looking towards all the different styles and trends which are going to be big for spring 2017, and there are certainly plenty of interesting trends you can easily incorporate to update your wardrobe for spring.

Midi Skirts

When it comes to choosing a skirt to wear, many love to go with the safe bet of a short skirt, but this can be seen slightly more as a summer item rather than a spring one. Midi skirts have been around for a while now, and for good reason, they are perfect for a range of different occasions – but you can opt for a suede one, then you will have a skirt which can either look sophisticated or edgy depending on what you choose to wear it with. For a sophisticated look, choose to wear it with a shirt or sweater, then for an edgier look, go for a graphic t-shirt and trainers.

Flared Trousers

There is no doubting the popularity and versatility of skinny jeans, but it appears for spring we are going to see a slight variation, with flared trousers being the main go-to choice. This particular trend throws us back to the 90’s – and it will be sure to give your wardrobe a nice little update for the spring months! These are probably best for a smarter spring outfit, and you want to make sure that you go for high-waisted jeans and team it with a nice blazer.


Over the past few seasons, the athleisure and sports luxe trends have been surging in popularity – and this spring sporty clothing is a great way to liven up your wardrobe! There are a number of different ways you can incorporate some streetwear into your wardrobe, for the cooler days you can go with the option of a hoodie and a pair of leggings. If you are wanting to be slightly more adventurous, then take some inspiration from the sports luxe trend and try wearing a sports jersey with a skirt and some trainers.


Flatform footwear hasn’t always been deemed as one of the most fashionable items, but after a number of designers have made some with spring in mind – they are a great way to inject some life into your footwear collection this spring. You will be able to guarantee comfort, and depending on the type you choose you can wear them with a range of different outfits too. A great choice can be to wear them as part of a sports luxe outfit and maybe even the midi skirt too!

Go Floral

One of the things spring is most famous for is the re-emergence of flowers and colour in the world, so what better way to get into the theme of spring that wearing some floral clothing?! You will be able to find literally hundreds of items designed with floral print, and you can choose to get as flowery as you want! A great option is a floral dress, but for something a bit more subtle, a simple floral skirt worn along with a white t-shirt can look great too.

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