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Beauty Tips for Entrepreneur Women

5 Beauty Secrets Every Entrepreneur Woman Need to Know Today

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Beauty Tips for Busy Entrepreneur Women

The mere fact that there are so many amazing women killing it in both female and male-dominated industries is more than enough to be grateful for and empowered by. These women are a true testament to the fact that if you truly want something, you can achieve it. Of course, it’s no secret that in today’s world appearances matter, perhaps more than ever before and whether you’re a woman or man who is a successful, and even a public figure, you need to look presentable as how well you’re put together speaks volumes of your abilities, time management and has an enormous effect on how you’re perceived as a professional overall.

Beauty Tips for Entrepreneur Women

Now, we know that these women got to where they are by working hard, but when you’re the head of a big company and trying to leave your mark on the world, you’re bound the have numerous people under you as well as investors and collaborators you see on a daily basis, which let’s face it, puts added pressure on women to look good. The problem is, these women are already cramming 36 hours of work into a 24-hour day. They’re already (s)heroes in our mind, so let’s see how they accomplish everything they do and still manage to look beyond flawless.

Do most of your pampering in the evening

  • As mornings can be hectic, whether you’re juggling family and career or not, you must ensure that you do most of your grooming in the evening, so your mornings can be almost effortless. This is where minimalists’ skincare rules come in really handy. It’s vital that you keep your routine minimal – use a small number of high-quality products that will get your skin where it needs to go.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow, who has certainly mastered the art of everlasting youthfulness has certainly mastered simple but effective beauty. Just before you shower, dry brush your body. This will remove all the dead cells and immensely improve your circulation. An exfoliating instant facial by Goop comes after the shower, and you can do this three times a week, although she does it every evening. The point is to find what works for you, but three times is optimal for most skin types.
  • Now, next in line is one of the skincare power players that has taken the world by a storm – the serum, and one of the best, tried and tested is definitely the cosmeceutical serum by Aspect Dr Skin Care, that both exfoliates and acts as a nighttime replenishing and ultra-moisturizing serum, so if you appreciate double-duty beauty, you can apply this on freshly washed and toned face and skip exfoliation altogether as this product will do it for you over the course of the night. Finish off strong with a great moisturizer that will lock all the goodness in and create a barrier between your skin and external pollutants and then you can hop into bed feeling fresh and nurtured.

Steal the time

When you’re a woman who’s always on the go, it’s vital that you get your beauty sleep. We also know that this may not be easy as these women are early risers and with everything on their plate, they might sometimes have trouble falling asleep. According to medical professionals, nothing less than 7 hours is enough, so in order to fall asleep as soon as your head touches the pillow, steal Miranda Kerr’s, founder of Kora Organics, beauty sleep secret.

A little evening meditation will put your mind at ease, calm the storm of ideas and obligations you have lined up for the following day and truly enhance the quality of your sleep. Aside from that, she always applies a soothing facial mist just before bed, and spritzes a little lavender mist on the pillow as well, as this is a marvelous soothing scent that will ensure you get your dose of body and face rebooting snooze.

woman sleeping

Let the games begin

As said, mornings are insane; they’re also the time when you need to somehow manage to look your very best as you will be seeing tons of people during the course of your day and you need to put on that ‘I have it all together’  face. If you have been diligent about your nighttime routine, the mornings should be fairly simple.

  • All you have to do is splash your face with lukewarm water and apply a super hydrating sheet mask – something along the lines of Origins Plantscription sheet masks, which you should always have in stock. The reason they’re so amazing is the fact that they not only hydrate but also reduce the appearance of fine lines. The best part is, you can get dressed, have your morning coffee while the mask does its work, and once you remove it, simply massage the excess product into the face and neck and seal the deal with another double-duty product – Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart SPF 50.
  • Jessica Alba, the head of Honest Beauty claims that she never leaves her home without SPF, and we all know how flawless she looks, and this product kills two birds with one stone. Some of the products on the list might be a bit on the pricier side, but as Lindsay Jang, the founder of restaurants, lifestyle shops and even an online publication says – ‘I invest in skincare so I don’t have to wear makeup’.

woman with makeup

When out and about

Yes, skin so flawless that it doesn’t require makeup is the dream, but sometimes we can do everything right and still need a little help. This is where a minimum amount of sheer foundation, a touch of concealer and highlighter, a little blush for that healthy plump look, a couple of coats of mascara and a killer lip come to save the day. This is the easiest yet somehow the most effective makeup routine and Jang swears by it.

woman looking into a mirror

What about the hair?

Yes, hair can be demanding, which is why we’ve gathered several pearls of wisdom from numerous lady bosses and they are bound to work for you. The first one comes from Jang – don’t wash your hair every day, as it gets dirty more frequently that way. The second one comes from Cara G McIlroy, one of Hong Kong’s top models and television hosts – wash, towel dry, apply hair oil on the ends and go – by the time you get where you need to go, it will have dried on its own.

However, when it comes to meetings, get a blowout to look more sleek and polished, and if the clock is ticking just do what Christina Dean does – rely on the simple, chic and sleek low bun that will never let you down.

woman showing hair

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