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5 Fashion Tips That Will Never Go Out of Style

5 Fashion Tips That Will Never Go Out of Style

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Guest Post by Amy Mia Goldsmith

Our clothes do more than just protect our bodies. Everything we wear is a form of expression, a representation of our personality and the way we see the world. Regardless of how much, or how little, you enjoy fashion, our style will communicate with people around us, telling them little details about how well we take care of ourselves, what our interests are and how much effort we’re willing to put into looking good. Whether you’re a trendsetter or just someone who likes the playful world of fashion, always knowing the right outfit to pick is almost an art form. So, in order to build your style and go through the day looking trendy and chic, it’s time to learn a few basic tips that can help with that.

So keep on reading to find out the 5 fashion tips that will never go out of style!

Pick a dress that fits perfectly!

Is there really any point in owning clothes that don’t fit you well? If it’s too small, it’ll make you look bigger than you actually are, and if it’s too big you’ll look schlumpy. It’s better to own one dress that hugs your curves just right than to own ten items that make you look like your mom is still picking out your clothes for you. If your closet is full of things that no longer fit you – get rid of them. Give them away to charity or sell them, but don’t waste space with pieces that don’t make you look good. Don’t buy anything that doesn’t make you one hundred percent satisfied when you try it on.

5 Fashion Tips That Will Never Go Out of Style

When you’re rushing in the morning and trying to get ready for an important interview, do you really want your hand to fall on outfits that give you a weird shape? No, so stick only to things that fit well. This way, even when you have little time to prepare, you’re bound to look good regardless of what you pick.

Spice up your look with accessories

Whether you’re having a lunch with your girlfriends or going to the office, accessories make or break an outfit. If you’re tired of picking out a different outfit for each day, accessories can actually save you time. You can give a lot of variety to your favorite dresses and suits by simply changing up your jewelry, putting on a bright scarf or wearing the right hat.

5 Fashion Tips That Will Never Go Out of Style

Always have the right handbag

This ties in with the accessories, but with one important note. Most of the bags we wear are in practical colors such as black or brown, but if you mostly stick to neutral-colored outfits during the day, then your handbags can have more fun to them. Your navy and black clothes would certainly benefit from a bright red bag and this is an easy way to accomplish an eye-catching look with very little effort involved. Green is another good idea, as a good forest green bag looks interesting and is surprisingly easy to match with most things.

5 Fashion Tips That Will Never Go Out of Style

Master the day-to-night outfit transition

Have a million events shoved into one busy day coming up? Plan ahead and make an outfit that you can wear from morning until evening with just a few modifications. A little black dress can be paired with a blazer for the office and a lacy cardigan for a cocktail party, for example. Cute women’s tops can be matched both with a pantsuit and a sexy pair of skinny jeans, and if you just change around your makeup and accessories, you won’t have to spend much time figuring out how to look good for each event.

5 Fashion Tips That Will Never Go Out of Style

Don’t be afraid to play with fashion

What is fashion but art and beauty, a way of life that lets you express your true self? Style isn’t about following trends blindly, it’s about taking what’s popular and making it work for your aesthetic. Rely on your common sense and don’t wear things you don’t genuinely like just because they’re currently in. Each new season is an opportunity for you to experiment and discover things about yourself, to wear amazing outfits that show off how cleverly you can match colors, how well you can work a garment. Don’t think that you need to be a model to look good in clothes. All you need is the love of fashion and the willingness to get a bit creative. These are the marks of a true style goddess that can take any trend, make it her own, and rock it with grace.

5 Fashion Tips That Will Never Go Out of Style

One final thing you can do is go through your closet and make sure it’s well organized. If you need twenty minutes to find your favorite top and the skirt that matches it, then you’re wasting time and you’re more likely to just grab whatever is clean. Try to plan your outfits ahead of time and remember to be daring. If you stop seeing getting dressed as a chore and start seeing it as a way to break out of your shell, then you’ll have a lot more fun and enjoy doing it every day.

Amy Mia Goldsmith is an Aussie blogger in love with fashion,  beauty, and style. Her mission is to inform the world of all the things she loves and enjoys. She is a contributor at High Style Life.  You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

5 Fashion Tips That Will Never Go Out of Style


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serena July 29, 2017 - 12:25 pm

I completely agree with you! You made great points. I have recently understood that I’ve been wearing way too many dresses that were too big for me. Now I’m more careful. x


Wasifa Ahmad Hasan July 29, 2017 - 12:39 pm

Oh thanks for appreciating the article!


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