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jewelry styling tips

Fabulous Jewelry Styling Tips Every Woman Needs

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

For centuries, people have been wearing jewelry to show off their status, attract mates or just enhance their overall look. While certain fashion trends come and go, some basic guidelines last forever. One of them is the importance of wearing the correct jewelry for your occasion. So, if you want to be a stylish person in every situation, here are some jewelry styling tips to consider. 

Jewelry Styling Tips for Different and Different Style:

Formal jewelry

Attending a formal event is the perfect time to show off your elegance and style, so make sure to wear your best pieces. It’s perfectly acceptable to sparkle and shine, it’s best to choose one piece that will bring the eye to your best feature. For instance, you can show off your high cheekbones and chiseled jaw, so you can opt for crystal or diamond earrings. A statement necklace can also direct people’s eyes to your face.  

Here are some recommendations for formal events: pearls, diamonds and other precious stones are perfectly acceptable. Make sure to keep things moderate instead of overwhelming your appearance with too much bling—an oversized piece always has to go alone or pair it with minimalist jewelry.  

Party jewelry

No matter if you’re going out or having a hangout with your friends, party jewelry is always fun. If you’re enjoying over-the-top bangles, statement necklace and sparkly bling, this is the perfect occasion for it. Still, too much is too much, and if you cover yourself with jewelry, it will steal all the attention from your face and personality. 

Everyday accessories

Some jewelry pieces are fit for everyday wear which means they are timeless, simple yet beautiful. If you choose a pretty aquamarine gem, you can combine it with any outfit. This stone also has a big meaning behind it so do learn more about it here- Meaning And Uses Of Aquamarine
(https://moonmagic.com/blogs/news/aquamarine-meaning) and see whether it fits your vibe and personality. Other everyday jewelry is a watch—it’s practical, elegant, and, ironically, timeless. 

Professional accessories

If you want to wear some accessories to work, make sure to opt for pieces that are minimalist, not distracting and not noisy. Anything that might offend clients is a no-no, but feel free to show off your individuality. In a more conservative office, it’s best to go for stud earrings that match your outfit. On the other hand, if you work at a chill workplace, you can opt for different kinds of jewelry as long as it doesn’t make too much noise. Noisy bracelets like stacked bangles will clang against each other or your desk and distract the people working at the next station or make too much noise during meetings. 

Some Points to Consider:

Don’t push it too much

If you want to draw attention, you can opt for a nice statement jewelry piece. But if you want all eyes on only your face, you definitely don’t need a bunch of bangles competing for attention. When wearing a bold pair of earrings, you can choose something very subtle for your neck or skip a necklace all together (even though bold earrings and a matching necklace can work wonderfully sometimes). If you love to accessorize with multiple things, do what Coco Chanel always recommends: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory”. 

Don’t follow trends

We all follow trends, but following them blindly can completely ruin your look. It’s never a good idea to sacrifice your own style and taste just for the sake of trends. Instead of following trends, make sure to always consider what works for you and your personality, complexion, face shape or frame and general style. When accessorizing, always take these things into account. 

Feel free to experiment, but keep these tips in mind. Your jewelry will look amazing and you will look perfectly outfitted for any occasion. 

What kind of jewelry do you prefer? Share your go-to jewelry styling tips with us!

jewelry styling tips

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