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The Ultimate Guide of Choosing Jewelry For Your Face Shape

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

When you invest in jewelry pieces, your face shape is one essential thing to consider. That way, the right jewelry pieces will enhance your best features. Every woman differs in her face shape. So it’s a smart choice to know the different styles that complement the shape of your face. This ensures that your jewelry looks best for you….and you invest in something that will be just made for you.

First of all, work out your face shape by learning the six shapes: heart, round, oval, long or pear-shaped, and square. There’s a great article on Cosmopolitan about Face Shapes. I loved reading it, take a look and you will know what I mean.

How to choose jewelry for your face shape:

Face Shape-Heart:

When it means a heart-shaped face, it’s the widest at the forehead & the cheeks. It tapers down to a sharper chin and jawline. It’s when choker-style necklaces make a perfect choice in this regard. These will bring about a sense of fullness around your jawline. 24K Gold drop earrings will create width around the jaw and the chin.

jewelry for heart shaped face

Face Shape-Pear:

This is also referred to as the triangular face. This is exactly the opposite of the heart face shape. It comes with a wider jawline and narrow forehead. Narrow drop earrings or long statement pendants soften your jawline. They essentially add up width at the cheekbones. Draw their attention to your accessories. Add width to your cheekbones and balance out your proportions.

jewelry for pear shaped face

Face Shape-Oval:

This oval face is curved and soft. This is somehow considered as the perfect shape of the face. It can wear any jewelry or neckline style. When you have this face shape, you can wear any style or shape of the earrings. Avoid styles that are overly long. They only will lengthen the face. Adorn your face with hoops, curving designs, chandeliers, go-go’s, teardrops, and more. Set off your face with a triangle-shaped earring.

jewelry for oval shaped face

Face Shape-Round:

A round face is curved and soft. It comes with an equal distance around. Think of your nose as the center part of your shape. From there you can make the feature soft, curved, sharp, and angular. If you have a round face, consider angular or teardrop style earrings. It’s not just the shape of the face that you should pay attention to. Your skin tone can also help you decide if you would look best in gold, silver, rose gold, and more.

Earrings that complement this face shape include vertical and long styles. These can include drops, dangles, ear threads, and narrow chandeliers. The opposites also attract this round face shape. These can include the trapezoids, rectangles, and vertically angular designs.

Longer and looping necklaces can draw the eyes of people down. They also will lengthen the look of your face. Focus on creating a “V” under the neckline to form a triangular point. Avoid princess, collar, and choker lengths. They only shorten the neck and they add up the width to your throat.

jewelry for round shaped face

Face Shape-Rectangular:

The rectangular or oblong face is longer than is wider. Its features can be angular, sharp, soft, and curved. This is also somehow mistaken for being an oval. What is ideal for this face are bold and large earrings. 

These come in wide chandeliers and styles with movement, drama, and color. The opposites also truly attract this shape. Opt for crescents, curves, large rounds, space-filling, and wide designs. Only opt for those pieces of jewelry that add camouflages and width. Any styles that create an illusion in the width can be flattering.

Face Shape-Square:

The square face comes with a strong jawline. Now your goal is to soften the angles and create the ultimate appearance that the jawline and forehead are narrower.  If you have a more square-shaped face and jawline, consider over-sized hoop earrings reaching or extending below your jawline. Avoid wide chandeliers and short post styles.

Necklaces in opera, matinee, princess, & rope lengths seem more ideal to wear. Here is an example- gold Cuban link chain. They create a vertical line in lengthening the square face. The large focal components of “U” draw attention below the neck. Choose for focal components or pendants with swirls or curves that counter the strong elements of the jaw.

hoop earrings

In a nutshell……..

When it comes to jewelry, most of us usually pay attention to aesthetics, materials used, and the price. We rarely think about how it will complement our facial structure, after all, a nice-looking set of jewelry will look good no matter how you wear it. But if you want to maximize and play with their aesthetics, it would be best if you know the basic rules of pairing jewelry according to your face’ shape. You can read more about face shape and accessories here.

Do you wear your jewelry according to your face shape? Comment below!

how to choose jewelry for face shape
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 Mateo Pérez is a 2nd generation Cuban immigrant with a large family in Miami. He loves the Miami club scene and represents a few of the local DJs. His interest in music, as well as his culture, have encouraged his interest in men’s fashion and jewelry. He often writes articles about emerging trends in fashion, as well as covering a bit of the music scene. Mateo also loves the beaches in Miami, and can often be found relaxing on the beach, listening to emerging club music and scouring music platforms for up-and-coming DJs.

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Priya Sharma November 7, 2020 - 4:02 am

This is just an insane article that you have shared with us, thank you so much for the article that you have shared indeed this was a much-needed article as many people get confused with which jewelry suits them better, will surely share this with my friends and family as well.

Wasifa Ahmad Hasan November 9, 2020 - 1:21 pm

Thank you. I am glad that you found it useful.


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