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Prioritize Mental Health

How to Prioritize Mental Health this year

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

For some 2020 went like a blink of an eye, and last year impacted most of us in some ways. The circumstances generated back in 2020 have left a bigger impact on our minds affecting our mental health adversely. This is why the first goal of 2021 is to Prioritize Mental Health.

If you got infected with coronavirus, you may or may not faced two conditions, Brain Fog, and Brain Disturbances. In Brain Disturbances, the brain cells get damaged which cannot be repaired. However, it is believed that the only solution is to admit the patients to rehabilitation where the symptoms can be managed. At the same time, Brain Fog is a condition where the brain cells are not damaged which means that the condition is curable. 

Researchers at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) revealed many aspects of Neurological injury in Covid-19 patients in the American Journal of Neuroradiology. The study claims that the primary effect of the disease on the brain is through hypoxia, a state of oxygen deprivation that can cause damage to the brain. However, the severity of the neurological symptoms varies from person to person and depends on how severe the infection was. 

There is no study on how this brain fog, brain disturbances, and mental health issues can be settled down. However, practicing these points would not adversely affect your mental condition. Therefore, irrespective of the fact that you were infected with the covid and how much, practice these to ensure that your brain does not get affected in the longer run:

Prioritize Mental Health in 2021

How to Prioritize Mental Health in 2021:

Exercise daily

Exercising works both ways, physically and mentally, and helps reduce depression, anxiety, and self-consciousness. Exercise is a perfect escape for a person to indulge in something productive and helpful. Exercise makes you less anxious, self-confident, and physically active. It also increases your brain power and memory, which is the main symptom during brain fog and disturbances. Here’s a list of 5 Easy Exercises You Can Do While Making Dinner.

Meditate to stabilize your health

Meditation balances out mood- mental and also physical health to some extent. Most importantly, it helps us to control stress. You should always look for the Warning Signs of Stress and follow the Stress Management Tips from the Experts.

Learn new skills

You might think that this does not work, but sitting, thinking a lot worsens the patient’s condition. Therefore, keeping yourself indulged in one or the other activity keeps you busy and helps develop more skills. Love makeup? Why not check out some Youtube videos and learn how to do it?

goal setting for new year

Do not rely on social media

Social media is a good way to communicate with people who are distant from you. However, this mode must not be taken as an ultimate source of communication. Never rely only on social media for company. Spend more time in the real world. Talk to people, FaceTime them, have a Zoom meeting.
Mindfully follow these Healthy Mental Health Habits as advised by Clinical Psychotherapist Erin Wiley, MA, LPCC.

Surround yourself with positive thoughts

Always surround yourself with positivity, good thoughts, positive people, determination, and confidence. This would help you in your general life skill as well. Here are some Simple Steps on How To Release Negative Energy that you can follow.

Read and watch more about mindful forms

Read more and watch more movies, web series with some meaning. I know for a fact that we love to watch action sequences, drama and all. But watching or reading something more realistic helps divert your mind from all that’s happening around you. Check out our list of Top 6 Books & Podcasts Which Will Keep You Motivated.

Mental health should be a proirity, if you want to feel your best and live a better life. With the easy-to-follow tips above you start your healthy mental health journey this year.

What steps are you taking to Prioritize Mental Health in 2021? Chime in below!

Prioritize Mental Health
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