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New Glasses: How I Picked Them with Zenni Face Shape Quiz & How I Style Them

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

How to Find Your Face Shape with Zenni Face Shape Quiz and

How to Style the New Frames

This article is sponsored by Zenni, the opinion and experience shared is my own

If you ask me what’s the worse pair of glasses I have worn, I will answer that my first pair of glasses were the worst. Firstly because I hated wearing glasses, I felt like an outcast and secondly, they were just round shaped (think the one Harry Potter wears). I just knew that I was looking hideous in those frames and I had no idea why.

Fast forward today, I am at home searching for a new pair of glasses. I always look for new glasses at an affordable price because I wear them all the time and they just get scratched and ruined pretty fast.

As a rule of thumb, most people think that shopping online for glasses is harder than shopping at a shop. You have the prescription in your hand, now you just need a frame that will fit YOUR face shape. Now how to find the face shape? Cue in Zenni Face Shape Quiz. With Zenni’s Face Shape quiz and the Virtual Try-on tool, you can actually see how the frame will look on you.

Zenni has launched the Face Shape Quiz this month and oh boy, I am so glad that they did so! Now I know why my first pair of round glasses looked so weird on me.

So what is this whole process and how does it work?

I am glad you asked.

Zenni Face Shape Quiz:

Have you tried those online quizzes ever? If you have, the Zenni Face Shape Quiz (in their website zennioptical.com) will be pretty easy for you. You just visit online here and start answering the questions they give you. After the questionnaires are completed you will get insights about your face shape and what kind of frames match better with that shape.

For instance, my result comes as Heart shaped. Here is what heart-shaped face should go for:

how to use Zenni Face Shape Tool

Just eyeballing a frame online and ordering it has a 50-50 chance of fitting your face well. I am a visual person, and before placing an order I want to see things on me to know if it will actually look good or fit. In this situation, the try-on tool in Zenni came in handy. I could see how the frames fit my face. Here is an example:

how to use Zenni Face Shape Tool

So based on the result, I began searching for suitable frames and tried those on virtually, and here are the ones I picked.

zenni eyeglasses for heart shaped face

The blue Titanium one is extremely lightweight and durable, I chose it mainly for everyday wear. You know how painful it gets if the frames are heavy and at the end of the day your nose and ears start to hurt?

Agh! Been there, experienced that!

zenni eyeglasses for heart shaped face

The black with gold accent is totally “me”. It’s the Sophisticated cat-eye glasses. I just love thick large dark frames. The gold accent here adds a hint of vogue and a whole lot of sophistication.

zenni eyeglasses for heart shaped face

Now let’s talk about how I style these glasses. I am going to show 2 easy looks with minimal products, along with tips for makeup for glasses.


Whether you use a foundation or a tinted moisturizer, when you wear glasses your undereye becomes the focus. So if you have dark circles like mine add a concealer to make the undereye area light and bright. Add the concealer in a triangular shape under your eyes and also on the inner corner and eye lid. Don’t forget to set it with powder, specially around the nose area!

how to do makeup for glasses


You can go for Instagram-brows, natural bushy brows or completely au naturel- your choice, but I will suggest to brush them upwards to see if you have any sparse spaces and fill them in with a brow pencil. The finished look is polished and groomed.

how to do makeup for glasses- EYEBROWS


Those of you who want quick looks in 5 minutes, you will be loving this look. You just need a matte brown shadow 2-3 shades darker than your skin color. You can easily use your contour powder here to save time. Just use a fluffy brush to add color on the moving parts of your lid. Then add some more color to the outside V area. Now take your highlighter (or a shadow 3-4 shades lighter than your skin) and add it under your brows and the inner corner. To add some depth, add the brown shadow on your lower lash area as well.

how to do makeup for glasses

For the lashes, curl them before applying your mascara. I have found that mascara works better than false lashes when I am wearing glasses, so I like to add 2-3 coats of mascara generously to make them prominent.

how to do makeup for glasses


For this look, I just added a hint of MAC Melba blush on the apple of my cheek. Here’s a little trick, Before adding the highlighter put on your glasses and add the highlighter on the high point where your cheek is not covered by the lens. The highlighter looks exaggerated under the lens, so just be strategic on the placement.

how to do makeup for glasses


For the first look, I picked a bright bold pink. It’s summer, so why not?! Just as any bold lip color, it’s better to outline the lips first and then add the lip product. I used Covergirl Exhibitionist Cream Lipstick- Spellbound.

how to do makeup for glasses

how to do makeup for glasses


For the 2nd look, I am doing my eye makeup backward. I am lining my eyes first and making a small wing. I am using EM Cosmetics eyeliner here. After that, I am adding an off-white liner on my lower waterline.

how to do makeup for glasses

how to do makeup for glasses

Just like before, I am adding generous coats of mascara on my upper and lower lashes.

how to do makeup for glasses

Now I am taking the same brown shadow (from the first look) and adding it just on the outer corner and the crease of my eyelid. Then I am adding my highlighter on the inner corner and under the brows.

how to do makeup for glasseshow to do makeup for glasseshow to do makeup for glasses


For this look, I am lightly contouring my face. I am using the same highlighting technique to highlight the cheekbones. I am also adding a hint of highlighter on the cupid’s bow.

how to do makeup for glasses


For this look I really wanted a red lip, but to emphasis on the eyes I kept my lips pretty natural. I used this nude-peach lipstick from Covergirl Exhibitionist collection (Sultry Siena).

how to do makeup for glasses

how to do makeup for glasses

makeup for heart shaped face

And so here we are! My new glasses found from Zenni Face Shape Quiz and 2 easy looks for the new frames. Try the face shape quiz today and let me know your face shape in the comments!


zenni glasses for heart shaped facezenni eyeglasses for heart shaped face

how to find glasses for heart shaped face with ZENNI face shape quiz

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