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How to Discover new Passions When Faced With Adversities- Interview with The WoW Factor

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Last week I shared my journey with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Sifa’s Corner and my platform with Kayla Cote van Rensburg from The Wealth of Wellness or The WoW Factor podcast. We talked about all the things related to chronic illness, overcoming adversities and how to live the best life with the difficulties.

I am going to quote her here, because her introduction was adequate: “When Wasifa Hasan was unable to do her job as a dentist due to chronic pain caused by her illness, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, she turned to something she had never thought about before, beauty blogging. Through the discovery of her new passion, Wasifa was able to turn her life around and pull herself out of the depression her illness had caused her. She’s now the founder of Sifa’s Corner, a beauty blog which helps people find their confidence in themselves through adversities.

Listen to the interview here:

Listen to the conversation and let me know what you think! May be my story can motivate and help you. Also, follow Kayla on her Instagram, Facebook page and support her podcast.
Her podcast can really help you!

The Wow Factor
The Wow Factor-How to Discover new Passions When Faced With Adversities

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