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Fun Backyard Party

The Secret of Having a Fun Backyard Party with Your Daughter During a Pandemic

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

During this pandemic, I have learned quite a bit about parenting. The first thing is entertaining 5 years old is not hard. Let her wear her favorite dress, do her hair as she wants, give her some foods that she likes, let her run around (or play with favorite toy), blow some bubbles or let her play with balloons.
Secondly, you can replace all the toys and gadgets if you can just give her your undivided attention, play with her or let her “show” the new activities she has learned i.e. jumping like a frog or a new dance move.

As both my husband and I are working from home, our schedule is more strategic and conscious nowadays. As our daughter sees us at home all the time working, she can feel lonely and bored pretty easily even with our presence. This is why every weekend we try to do something fun and innovative for her.
Last weekend, we created a fun picnic with the 3 of us. It didn’t cost us anything extra- we just got some necessary supplies and used whatever we already had at home. We had a fun time and she was happy. If you are also looking for ideas and want to know what we did, keep on reading!

Fun Backyard Party Idea:

The secret to a fun backyard party is simple: let the little one have fun, but safely. Here are some basic things that you will need for the backyard party.

summer backyard party

Sun Protection: Nobody likes a sunburnt lobster skin! Slather a kid-appropriate sunscreen to your little one and as well as on yourself. For my daughter, I use Babyganics Mineral-Based Baby Sunscreen Lotion since she was very little. She has sensitive skin and this one didn’t cause any adverse reaction to her skin. For my skin, currently, I am using Ulta Beauty Sun Protection Mist SPF 50 for my face and neck and Alba Botanica Hawaiian Coconut Clear Spray Sunscreen SPF 50 for the body.

Bug Protection: I love summer, but the bugs in this time are brutal for a kid’s skin. We use Babyganics Natural Insect Repellent to keep the mosquitos away. You can skip buying the sunscreen and bug protection separately and go for the Babyganics Sun & Bug Duo Set which is a better option, in my opinion.

Hand Sanitizer: This is a new addition due to the pandemic. I can not tolerate the extreme “disinfectant-like” smell some hand sanitizers emit, so my daughter and I both use Babganics alcohol-free fragrance-free foaming hand sanitizer. To be transparent, I have been a loyal Babyganics customer since my daughter’s birth. They did not sponsor me for this article. I bought all the products.

Heat-Proof Pouch: If you keep your sunscreen and any makeup/tech products like lip balm and cell phone under the sun for too long, you know what happens! To avoid this, protect your makeup, beauty, and tech products in an insulated heat-proof pouch. I have been using WELLinsulated heat-proof pouch. I was sent this in a PR package and have been using it for all the summer-outdoor related activities this season. It’s easy to use and carries the necessary products pretty well.

Something to sit on: A large bed sheet or towel will do the trick. But the bedsheet and towel will get ruined by the grass and food stain. So I love the Tesalate oversized beach towel for this purpose. Tesalate sent me this beautiful beach towel and my daughter loves the bold colorful patterns. My family of 3 can site here comfortably or lie down. This Bohemian XL beach towel (can be found here).

Hydration: You can definitely make some lemonades but I prefer plain water for my kid when she is running and playing around. I keep her water in this cute S’ip by S’well water bottle and we take it anywhere we go.

Toys or Supplies for your kid to play with: My daughter can be occupied for a long time playing with bubbles and balloons. You can use a Bubble Maker Machine if you want to relax or use the traditional Bubble Wands– either way, the little one will be overjoyed.

Food: After all the playing, you and your family will be needing nourishment. I leave the food-department to your taste and choice. We made barbeque that day with  Bilinski’s all-natural Chicken Sausage (not pictured) and after playing, we went indoors and had our food.

summer backyard party
summer backyard party with daughter
summer backyard party with daughter

Try this fun Backyard Party idea this weekend, come back next week and let me know how it goes.

how to have Fun Backyard Party with daughter

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