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how to start exercising when you are overweight

How To Start Exercising If You’re Overweight

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

This article is not about losing weight or pointing fingers to anyone’s weight. It’s for motivation and sharing tips to get you started. If you are having a hard time doing exercise due to weight, this article can inspire and guide you.

Starting to exercise can be a challenge for anyone, but it can be even harder and more daunting for those who are overweight. I know this because after my daughter’s birth I could not get rid of the excess weight (and it’s been 5 years) and as I have chronic pain, my body’s first response to exercise is- Nah! I talk about this on my Instagram pretty often.

Exercising can put added pressure on your joints, which can make it even more of a physical challenge. Luckily, there is a range of exercises you can do to help you get fit and healthy and which can make exercise easier and more enjoyable than you might have thought possible. Overweight or not, you can follow these tips to get you started with exercise.

How To Start Exercising If You’re Overweight:

Preparing To Exercise: Creating Mindset

Before starting on any exercise regime, it’s important to get the all-clear from your doctor. You’ll also need to prepare yourself with a positive mindset, patience, and dedication. You will find that exercise is most successful when you couple it with a healthy, balanced diet. Finding the right work-out clothes which fit you well if also a great starting point. Here are some inspiration:

Start Slowly And Set Achievable Goals

Start your exercise program slowly and set yourself a realistic and achievable goal. Doing too much too soon could lead to injury. Aim to build up your exercise gradually and be consistent. By building on each individual success, you will be more motivated to keep going.
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Watch Out For Signs Of Overexertion

You will want to challenge yourself as you progress, however, it’s important to listen to your body. Whilst some soreness is normal, exercising shouldn’t be painful. Avoid overtraining as this can lead to injury or make you want to quit exercising.  Make sure that you recognize the signs of overexertion and know when to stop. As a general rule, you should be able to hold a conversation whilst you’re exercising. If you can’t, you’re probably pushing yourself too hard. Aim to build up the intensity slowly over time. 

how to start exercising

Find A Comfortable Workout Location

Where you work out is important. You should find a place that is welcoming, friendly, and where you feel comfortable. It should be somewhere you want to work out. A gym can be a good place to start and you could even book a session with a personal trainer to show you how to handle the equipment safely and perhaps even help you design a workout regime suited to your needs.

Alternatively, you might try joining an exercise class designed for beginners, where you can meet new people and create a social support network. However, if both those options seem too daunting, you can also workout at home. There is a range of apps, videos to stream online, or DVDs that you can use to motivate you. 
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doing exercise at home

Start Walking 

Start by simply walking three times per week for 10-20 minutes each day. Over time, as you become fitter, slowly start to extend the length of time you walk for. You can also challenge yourself further by adjusting your route to include uphills.

Exercise In Water

It’s essential that you take particular care of your joints when you exercise. A fantastic low-impact exercise option that is kind to your joints is water-based exercise. There is a range of options including taking part in an aqua class, trying some aqua jogging with the aid of a buoyancy belt, swimming some laps of the pool, or simply walking in the water. The key is to start slowly and gradually increase the length of time you spend in the water and the intensity of your exercise. 

how to start exercising at home

Do Some Strength Training

Strength training is particularly important as it can help to improve the range of motion of your joints, relieve issues related to posture, and boost your metabolic rate. However, the correct form is vital. As such, move slowly and take your time executing each movement. 

Aim to do a full-body strength training session 2-3 times per week, but ensure that you have at least one full rest day between each session. Try to start with 12 repetitions of each exercise and build up to 20. Some good exercises to begin with include push-ups (on a wall, countertop or the floor), squats, lunges, and basic exercises with lightweight dumbbells.

Add In Some Core Training 

Strengthening your core is extremely important as it helps to improve posture and balance, whilst also reducing lower back pain. Two simple exercises you can do at home are the quadruped exercise (where you start in a table-top position and draw your belly button up towards your spine) and the bird-dog exercise (where, from a table-top position, you alternate extending the opposite arm and leg). You can also build up to doing a plank. 

Follow these simple steps to start exercising and become healthier. Whilst you may face setbacks or frustration at the speed of your progress, remember that simply doing some exercise is already a step in the right direction. Find an exercise routine that suits you and which you enjoy doing. Gradually increase the length and intensity of your exercise routine and above all, remember to listen to your body. Adjust your exercise as necessary and celebrate the successes along the way.

Do you exercise regularly? Follow the above tips on how to start exercising and take control of your wellness.

how to start exercising when you are overweight

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