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Red Outfit Ideas for Valentine's Day

Red Outfit Ideas for Valentine’s Day

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

I love red, to me red is festive, sensual, passionate and mysterious. I also love the fact that the red color is synonymous with Valentine’s Day. If you also like the color Red or want to add some red, here are the top 6 red outfit ideas you can add the color red in your outfit. Just don’t wear all of these at once!

How to choose a shade of red:

Personally I love deep saturated reds with blue undertones. When I pick anything red, I keep that in mind. If you have a shade of red that suits your skin and you feel comfortable with, start with that one. For visual cues, start with the shade of red lipstick you wear most often. Is it bright and warm? Dark and deep? or Cold and saturated? If you are still unsure, ask your best friend or someone who knows about color and fashion. Maroon, coral orange, cherry, crimson, carmine, burgundy, scarlet- these are all reds, but different shades.

Red Outfit Ideas:

Dress and Jumpsuits:

Find a dress or jumpsuit for the body you are in right now (not the body you wish to be). If a dress or jumpsuit fits well, you are already halfway there. Finish off the outfit with a pair of pumps or booties and a neutral (black or camel) jacket. You can good to go!

Red Tops:

If you are more comfortable in jeans/pants and cute tops, then look for tops that look less career and more party-esque. After all, when you are getting ready for a date in the Valentine’s day you would want to look confident, sexy and alluring. Keep the basic shirts or tops for a more conservative setting.

Red Pants:

I always dreaded red pants until I tried one myself. The trick is to find the shade you will look good in. You can pair a red pant with white, black or camel tops. You can even go monochromatic and wear red on red. Find a pair of pants that fit your body well. Here are my top tips on How to Find The Perfect Pair of Comfortable and Stylish Jeans.

Red Outwear:

A red jacket or blazer can upgrade a simple look easily. If you check the options below, you will see how many ways you can style a red jacket- for both day and night. An all-black outfit finished off with a red jacket is extremely sexy and my personal favorite.

Red Shoes:

I have been drooling over these shoe options. As I can’t wear high heels if I wear them I would have to put my feet up and stay like that (it would be still worth it!). If you are comfortable with heels, do check out the following options. They are on the higher price end, but I believe when you are buying a pair of shoes, you are investing in them. Because shoes affect your whole body and how you feel about yourself. So invest in one good well-made pair, rather than buying 5-6 cheap pairs.

For my chronic pain buddies, check out Best Footwear for People with Chronic Pain.

Red Handbags:

If everything else fails, grab a red handbag and call it a day. Watch Wendy’s (Wendy’s Lookbook) video on how to pair a red bag. Her tips are on the point!

I hope you liked the different red style options for Valentine’s Day today. Which one are you going to try? Share in a comment below!

Red Outfit Ideas for Valentine's Day

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Taylor January 26, 2020 - 9:48 am

I’ve been working on putting together an outfit – so this helps immensely!


Wasifa Ahmad Hasan February 14, 2020 - 1:44 pm

awww.. thank you!


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