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cute comfy outfit ideas for cold days

Cute & Comfy Outfit Ideas for Cold Days

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Cold days, snow covering outside, you have a cup of hot cocoa or coffee- what else do you need to make you feel more relaxed? A great outfit, that is not only super cute but also comfortable to wear at home or for a quick errand outside. If cute and comfy is your style, check out these top picks for the cold weather.

Cute and Comfy Outfit Ideas for Cold Days:

Due to my poor health condition, I prefer to wear a comfortable outfit which will keep me warm and cozy in the cold days. So I picked this Camel Extreme Polo Neck Oversized Jumper and paired it with a Black Ribbed Knit Leggings from Femme Luxe. What I love most about this outfit is that if I want to go outside in the snow, I can just wear an overcoat on top of this jumper, a pair of jean pants and my snow boots and voila! I am good to go outside.

You don’t necessarily need to wear these extra layers if you do not live in a super cold area, but Fargo weather is extremely cold and it’s better to layer up with warmer clothes than shiver and freeze.

You can also spice up your outfit by adding hats like Scala hats mentioned in my previous style post: Fall-Winter Style Must-Have: Women’s Scala Hat.

The sweater or jumper and leggings can be found at the Femme Luxe website.

You can get similar styles of sweaters and jumpers from below: (affiliate links)

If you are looking for a similar type of leggings, which are not yoga pants but full-on-almost-pants, then have a look into these selections:

I chose these pairs from  Arcopedico’s shoe, in the style- LS. It’s lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear, both indoors and outdoors. These shoes can be easily worn in warmer months too. These come in 29 colors. These are also washable and good for someone with flat feet (like mine). You can see more styles from Arcopedico below:

How do you like to dress for the colder months? Share with us below.

cute comfy outfit ideas for cold days

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