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Fall Winter Women Scala Hat

Fall-Winter Style Must-Have: Women’s Scala Hat

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

When you live in a warm geographic area, hats feel like something you can only wear when it’s super cold outside. But hats can be a great style statement and you can wear them any time of the year, depending on what style you choose.

Hats, especially in the Fall season, can look absolutely stunning. Since cutting my hair short, I am trying out different hair accessories to make the short curls look trendy and modern. I came across Women’s Scala Hats in Tenth Street online store and I fell in love! As I am new to wearing this trend I dig deeper to know what is actually a SCALA hat.

What is a Scala Hat:

The beauty of a Scala hat is that it can be worn for any occasion. Dress hats, casual caps — Scala is even perfect for a beach day. You can bring your Scala on a business trip or a vacation, to a celebration or to a quiet cocktail meeting. Scala will ensure you truly grace others with your presence if the occasion requires it, and it will make doubly sure that you can dress yourself down if the moment requires it.

The style I am wearing here is the Scala- Vienna in size OS. You can get similar styles here, here , and here.

womens scala hat

Why I chose this style:

This specific style has warm material and it’s wide to protect the face from the harsh cold wind we get here. If you have short hair as I do, it will complement the hairstyle as well.

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How to Style your Scala Hat:

MONOCHROME: Black is extremely chic. You can wear all-black outfits and use the hat as a pop of color. Go for a simple black top with black bottoms and wear a black long coat and black boots You can accessorize your outfit with a long chain and stacked rings. Below are some pieces you will love:

NEUTRAL: Choosing an outfit from the brown-family is not boring. A good brown, khaki or chestnut color looks rich and lush in the Fall season. You can opt for oversized tops, sweaters in the brown color family and leave the rest of the outfit in white/black family or even add animal prints. Here are some outfit inspirations:

COLOR BLOCK: I think the color block style is cute and edgy at the same time. The trick is to find colors and shades that go pretty well together. Make sure the whole outfit looks cohesive and the colors are not competing with each other. Here are some ideas:

Do you wear hats in the Fall- Winter days? What’s your favorite style? Comment below!

Fall Winter Women Scala Hat

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