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christmas party outfit ideas

Not-So-Basic Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

We’ve all been there: the Christmas hype is in full swing, you yearn to bring out your new ankle booties, but you’ve been focused on finding those perfect holiday gifts for weeks on end. Now, you find yourself doubting the power suit idea, and you’re either going to settle for your little black dress or a classic pants-plus-blazer look that’s both safe and comfy. Ladies, you can do so much more, even with so much less available. There’s no need to settle when you can rock.

Now, it does take some skill and some patience to create the perfect look, but since you’re about to join this year’s final festivities, you might as well do it in style. When you have no clue where to begin your style-search, here are a few essential ideas that can help you think and dress outside the box and find your authentic self through your festive fashion ensemble! So keep on reading if you want to get some Christmas Party Outfit Ideas.

Christmas Party Outfit Ideas:

In the mood for red velvet cake?

There’s nothing basic about velvet, especially not when it comes in a delicious shade of burgundy, but it sure is a Christmas staple and a classic choice for those who like to look and feel majestic. The texture of velvet is basically the personification of Christmas, so you cannot go wrong with the fabric. The color, however, should be in the spirit of Christmas, but you have plenty of shades to play with your mood and self-expression.

For example, you don’t have to go all out, but you’ll easily pull off a red velvet jacket with a pair of Haute jeans or even a pair of red velvet trousers with a clean white top. For the boldest gals out there, a twirl-worthy red velvet dress is another option to keep in mind when you’ve had your fair share of velvet experiences and you own the perfect pair of black pumps to go with it. Think of it as the little black dress of Christmas. 

red velvet dress

Warm minimalism with a sophisticated edge

Looking for anything but basic doesn’t mean that you should aim for over-the-top outfits only. In fact, less is almost always more when it comes to fashion, so when in doubt, pick minimalism. Yes, your favorite pair of jeans and your oversized cashmere sweater can get an upscale look with the right accessories, including your baubles, your footwear, and your bag.

Since minimalism loves simplicity, pairing warm, earthy shades of your outfit with a bold accessory such as an elegant watch adds another layer of purpose to your entire ensemble. That includes those rugged, chunky watches we’d typically steal from our boyfriends’ nightstand. Add your favorite ankle boots and a vibrant bag (you’ve guessed it, velvet once again saves the day), and you’re good to go. Scratch that, you’re amazing to go. 

Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

Bring on the sparkle

Velvet is one of those subtle ways to introduce some sheen into your festive look without going overboard with gloss. This perfect texture aside, you can actually level up your sparkly game and wear sequins for a full-scale Christmas party – now that’s what it means to steal the spotlight. Just imagine a perfect, forest-green dress covered in sequins for your inner Tinkerbell to shine. Anything you add to the look should be as subtle as possible, such as black heels and a faux leather purse.

What you can do to take your shine a step further is to play with cuts and texture. While going with a range of different colors might be too much, you can definitely add some fringe to your combination, pick a long sleeve button front top from the Realisation clothing line, or get those feathers to work their magic into your Christmas outfit.

Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

Swap your power suit with a jumpsuit

Truth be told, there’s no such thing as the wrong time to pull out your favorite power suit and dazzle your Christmas guests. This year, however, you can go for something slightly less formal, equally ravishing, and very, very playful: the Christmas-perfect jumpsuit! If the first image that comes to your mind is the color orange and the word “baggy”, you’re not alone, but this is where your imagination can let you transform the fashion norms. 

Strapless, bold red, fringes all over, plunging cleavage, glamorous glitz, you name it, there are no limitations in the world of party-perfect jumpsuits. Pick your favorite color and your favorite shoes, make your hairstyle do all the talking and just get ready to become the party’s most beloved fashionista whom everyone asks for tips.

jumpsuit fashion

Play with skirts and shirts

Much like minimalism can work wonders for a Christmas look, the same can be said for your classic combination of a midi-length skirt and a button-down. But instead of envisioning the classic pencil skirt with a tucked-in shirt, take your time to play with length, fabrics, patterns, and cuts. A pleated skirt with a mix of contrasting colors paired with an off-shoulder, flowy shirt sounds like summer in disguise – just what you need to keep Christmas cozy. 

Or, you can go with something slightly naughtier, such as a stretchy pencil skirt with a lace border and a faux leather jacket over your sequin-covered top. Some glam can go a long way in elevating your ordinary skirt and shirt mix. 

midi skirt for christmas

From satin to sequins, from jumpsuits to button-downs, there’s no need to settle when it comes to your upcoming Christmas party. Look through these suggestions, let your imagination run wild and free, and use them to create something that will put you in that perfect celebratory mood to greet another Christmas with a stylish smile!

Did you like these Christmas party outfit ideas? Which one was your favorite?

christmas party outfit ideas

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