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Fall Winter 2019 Accessory Trends

5 Fall-Winter 2019 Accessory Trends You Can Shop

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

For many people, fall fashion is very inspirational, and we can agree. Muted colors, cozy clothes, and attention to detail make combining outfits so much more fun. So, in order to celebrate this fall, we are suggesting some accessory trends you should try. Here are the top Fall-Winter 2019 Accessory Trends we are loving.

Fall-Winter 2019 Accessory Trends:

Fall Winter 2019 Accessory Trends

Mini bags: 

The trend of mini bags is apparently here to stay because this year we are seeing them everywhere as well. They are super stylish, and although they can’t carry much, they style up any outfit and make it trendier. The best thing is they come in different shapes, so you can be creative and get rounded, knot, or classic square ones. Since chain straps are popular right now, you should incorporate that little detail, which will give every outfit an edgy, street look. As for the colors, we would recommend softer colors for this autumn, like brown, black, dark red, and olive green. Animal print is pretty popular as well, so you can play with it if you want the bag to be the statement piece. Since we are talking about mini bags, it is worthwhile mentioning that belt bags are also coming into their own. They look super stylish over an oversized blazer because they serve as both a bag and a belt, adding to the uniqueness of the outfit.

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Wristwatches are a detail that will never go out of style, even though trends change each year. Regardless of them being small, they are able to style up any outfit. Since the minimalist trend is big this year (no pun intended), simple watches in neutral colors can be your perfect fall companion. There’s a variety of stylish skeleton watches in caramel, terracotta, and other earthy warm tones that will go great with any outfit. You can style them with beige, olive green, or deep orange colors, and create a unified look that will look stylish and classy. Your other trendy option can be watches with a golden metallic bracelet that go great with the neutral tones we have mentioned. For a minimalistic look, choose the ones with not much detailing on them, so it looks sophisticated and wearable on many different occasions.


Moving away from the mini bags, and simple watches, we have statement jewelry that draws all the attention. This type of jewelry is perfect for those days when you want to wear basic outfits, but you need a pop of color or some other detail that will make it stand out. This fall, we are not moving away from the warm, neutral tones, so golden jewelry is a trend you should try. Either oversized earrings in different interesting shapes like triangles, rhomboids, and circles, or chain necklaces for a more edgy look. If you like to look a bit softer and feminine, pearl earrings are the way to go but don’t be afraid of the big ones because they will be perfect for any special event or formal occasion this fall. Chunky rings with colored stones, and again golden details are fashionable as well.


This fall, we are all about warmth and coziness, which is why we love the idea of scarves. Silky scarves with interesting prints in no more than two colors are stylish and perfect for work or any other special event. For day time activities, and if you want to achieve a street look, we recommend oversized scarves. You can wrap them around you casually and get the layered look, which is pretty trendy, plus, it will make you look stylish, and will elevate your look. Dark green, ochre, and brick color, as well as checkered print, are perfect as they will be the centerpiece of your outfit. If you want to look a bit more extra, choose fur or wool scarves that will not go unnoticed. Dark gray and black are the colors if you want this style because you don’t want it to be too much.


Fall often surprises us with a lot of warm, sunny days when you can take out your favorite sunglasses. This year’s trends are various when it comes to sunglasses, so we are just going to mention a few. As for the shape, square, or small matrix-inspired, as well as cat sunglasses, are trendy, if you like a more subtle look. For a more emphasized, chic look, oversized is a perfect choice. Animal print is trendy, so you can try those warmer tones again, and opt for transparent glass. Aviator design is a timeless classic, so it can be your safe choice if you can’t decide. Another stylish trend is oversized shield sunglasses, which provide a sportier look.

Regardless of your outfit style, some of these fall accessories are there to style up any look you choose. Get creative and try out some of the pieces mentioned here.

Which one is your favorite accessory for Fall and Winter? Share below!

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