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Chic Color Combinations to Wear This Fall-Winter Season

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Fall-Winter Fashion Color Guide

Modern fashion movements celebrate exploration, experimentation and freedom to mix and match whatever one could come up with. Traditional opinions would leave the exuberant and vivid colors in the past seasons and turn to neutral tones for the cloudy fall days. However, neither designers nor the people interacting with fashion feel limited by traditional color guidelines anymore. The color stories of the previous couple of seasons are a perfect reflection of this recognized freedom to explore and experiment with more original and eccentric combinations.

Instead of mourning the end of summer, brace yourself for a long and colorful fall. Below we listed the best of fall-winter 2018 palette, so prepare to search for the perfect items to layer up your chic color combinations this season.

fall-winter color fashion style guide

Poppy red and lilac

Perhaps you thought that after a couple of seasons of dominant presence, the lovely lavender was finally leaving the fashion runways this fall. Nope – luckily, it’s still here and it’s still strong. It indeed combines well with almost any color, but poppy red is its feisty number one this season. One little tip – if you’re fair-skinned, avoid lilac near your face, and instead opt for lilac bottoms and poppy red tops to match your lipstick for an eye-catching look. And of course, denim with lilac is a killer combination, so have a denim jacket on to complete your outfit and keep yourself warm on the chilly fall nights.

fall-winter color fashion style guide

Pale blue and pink

Pastels, pastels, never cease to delight. Pale blue in combination with baby pink creates a suggestive scent of fall’s mild and gentle transitional characteristic. Evoking spring nostalgia and childhood school spirit, these light colors and a myriad of their shades are this season’s both chic and hip fashion statements. Besides blue and pink, light green is also a must-have in your wardrobe this fall. Surf the best online clothing stores for cute and affordable items in these colors to sprinkle a bit of romance on the gloomy fall.

fall-winter color fashion style guide

Orange and black

Orange may not be the new black, but it’s definitely killing it this fall in combination with black. Black looks flattering for any occasion and on any body type. And what IS a better way to complete an outfit than putting on a bright and bold color such as orange? High waisted flare pants with a tight, black turtleneck will create a sophisticatedly sexy outfit you can wear both to work and to dinner afterward this season.

fall-winter color fashion style guide

Tan and maroon

If you want to play it safe and go for a more classic look, purchase items in tan and maroon or burgundy. Corduroy is super popular this fall, so slip into one of the cute little corduroy skirts and combine it with a comfy maroon sweater. This warm and cozy combination, optionally accompanied by an oversized scarf in different shades of these colors, is perfect for late-fall cloudy days.

fall-winter color fashion style guide

Gen Z yellow and Gen Z yellow

The confident and outgoing bright yellow shade became known as Gen Z yellow and is literally everywhere. From shoes through bags to jewelry, it seems as if it finally found its generation and does not plan on leaving anytime soon. Instagram feeds have been flooded with this saturated color, and so will be wardrobes soon. Even going all yellow isn’t an extremist fashion move anymore, but if you want to take it slower, combine it with sophisticated white, beige or tan. Such a genderless and optimistic look works both on the runways and on the street style scene.

fall-winter color fashion style guide

Most times, well-dressed individuals catch our eyes because of their fabulous color combinations. There’s something extremely attractive in bold fashion choices, so even though it’s always the easiest to reach for black when you’re stumped on what to wear – don’t. There are so many great and fresh color combination options this fall that it would be a shame not to spice up your wardrobe. Find the ones that flatter your hair color, skin tone and body type, and prepare to look stunningly chic throughout this season!

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fall-winter fashion color guide

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