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6 Fall-Winter Eye Creams You Will Need If You Are In Your 30s

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Fine lines, wrinkles, darkness, sun spots- these are the common problems I am facing as my skin is getting older, specially around the eyes. If you are also like me, in your 30s you may also have been facing this. This is why I have been trying out different eye creams for the past year and finalized the list down to 6 products. As we are heading towards the colder climate in North America, these 6 Fall Winter Eye Creams For 30s will be lifesavers (or undereye savers) for you.


I have dry undereye area and dark circles. It’s mostly because of my chronic illness. I have noticed the more I am in pain the more the dark circles become prominent. As I am gradually going to my mid-30s, it’s a must that I use eye creams. If you have not used one yet, just try one today and you will see the difference it makes!

If you look closely at the picture here, you can see what the skin around my eyes actually looks like. To be honest, I sometimes forget to apply eye creams and as I get sinus pains, the area around my eyes are handled quite harshly than I intend to. But I am getting serious about the situation and using eye creams regularly.

Why do you need an eye cream

Fall-Winter Eye Creams For 30s:

MAC FAST RESPONSE EYE CREAM: Just like the name, this eye cream is FAST, It absorbs fast and works even faster. It creates softness and smoothness around your eyes without any greasiness. You can use it in the morning, under your makeup. If you are someone who wants to diminish the lines exaggerated by concealer around your eyes, you can definitely try this one. You can find MAC Fast Response Eye Cream here.

DERMA E FIRMING DMAE EYE LIFT: Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free and 100% Vegan, this is a suitable eyecream to be used in both day and night. If you are keen on ingredients, this product has peptides and hyaluronic acid (beneficial for moisturization and anti-aging properties). It can also be worn under makeup. You can get Derma E Eye Lift here.

YEOUTH RETINOL 2.5% EYE CREAM: The most affordable on the list, Yeouth eye cream looks and feels like a regular thick moisturizer. A little amount goes a long way and as it has retinol, I only use it at night. Be conscious while using it around your eyes as it irritates the eyes if it gets too close to the eyes. You can find it here.

GOLDFADEN MD BRIGHT EYES DARK CIRCLE RADIANCE CONCENTRATE: This eye cream is Paraben, mineral oil, alcohol, silicone, and gluten-free. It’s a tiny bit thicker than the first two creams so I use it in the evening. It instantly makes the skin around my eyes supple and moisturized. You can find Goldfaden eye cream here.

DERMADOCTOR KAKADU C EYE SOUFFLE: DERMAdoctor products are the recent addition to my skincare routine. I covered in my previous article Introducing DERMAdoctor and skincare advice from Dr. Audrey Kunin, how these products act on the skin. The eye cream is the first one I tried from the brand and I absolutely loved it. It works great as an eye makeup base and can be used at night and in the morning. You can find it here.

FRESH BLACK TEA AGE DELAY EYE CONCENTRATE: This antioxidant-rich thick textured cream will be a great addition to your skincare regime if you live in a cold climate. But don’t let the thicker consistency fool you! You can definitely use this cream in the morning. The cream is emollient and provides excellent hydration. You will be needing a little amount to bring back the life around your eyes. Lines appear less visible and softer and it also works as a good base for concealer. You can grab your Fresh Black Tea eye cream here.



Applying eye cream is not rocket science, but there are some guidelines you should follow to get the maximum result of a product.

  • Apply the product on clean washed area.
  • Avoid getting to close to the eyes.
  • Use your ring fingers to gently “pat” the cream around eyes. Imagine you are caressing a baby’s cheek, the touch should be gentle like that.
  • Use a small dot to cover your eyes.
  • Extend the product from brow bones to cheekbones and in between your eyes on the crow’s feet area.
  • Do a patch test before using a new product and If irritation occurs, wash off with cool water immediately and stop using the product.

If you are looking for something else, check out my picks below. These eye creams also work wonderfully.

Here are the high-end eye creams you will love:
And here are some affordable products you need to check out:

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