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Comfortable Weekend Fall Outfit

My Comfortable Weekend Outfit: Pre-Fall Edition

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

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I know Fall isn’t technically here, but the weather seems to be changing. The sudden burst of cold air is making me chilly, which I am enjoying. After moving to USA, adjusting to the weather was the main trouble I have faced. You will not realize how the “warm and nice” weather here will feel the exact same as the “sunny yet cold” weather of Bangladesh in the months of November. You have to actually feel the temperature change here to decide what is comfortable for you….which takes us to today’s article. My idea of a comfortable weekend outfit, Pre-Fall or Fall edition.

Comfortable Weekend Fall Outfit


Layering is going to be your best friend. Because when you are outside you will feel chilly and as soon as you get indoors, you will be warm as a toast. So if you layer, you can easily take it off if you get warm. As I have gained a “few” pounds after the baby, I have found that layering hides the unwanted bulges showing here and there, and for this purpose, I am wearing this Black & Red Peacock Kimono from One Tribe Apparel. This is a handmade kimono made in Thailand and extremely comfortable. You can wear this with your Summer shorts or your comfy jeans in the Pre Fall time. Get these bohemian kimonos here.

Bat Mitzvah Dresses

Fall Outfit: katebridal

Comfortable Weekend Fall Outfit



You won’t believe how comfortable these shoes are before wearing it. As I have chronic shoulder and back pain, my back gives me the first sign if I am wearing uncomfortable shoes. So I have to be very careful about my choice. These pairs from Reebok Classics are my go-to shoes for running errands. You can get yours from here.

Comfortable Weekend Fall Outfit

Fall Outfit: Comfortable Shoes


A statement jewelry can bring up a “basic jeans and t-shirt” look into something stylish. You can either go for a cute pair of hoop earrings or a long necklace, or even a stylish sunglass! It’s your preference. The necklace I am wearing here is also handmade, from Bangladesh.

Comfortable Weekend Fall Outfit

Fall Outfit:  addcolo


I won’t feel like a blogger if I don’t try the seasonal makeup trends for at least once, haha!

Dark lips have such a power to hide the fact that you are wearing nothing other than the lip color. Yes, it can exaggerate dark circles or dark spots, but I have found that when I have very little time to do my makeup, I will wear some concealer and a dark lip and I will be looking polished in no time.

P.S. the lip colors I am wearing today are from Anastasia Beverly Hills. You can find the swatches here.


Fall Outfit: Dark Lip

So how do you like to dress up for a comfortable weekend? Let us know below……and also, join me on Bloglovin’ for more!!

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