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Fashion Tips For Short Girls

7 Fashion Tips For Short Girls

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Dressing up fashionably is something that most short girls struggle with at some point or the other in their lives. If you are a short girl, you too would be well aware of the trials and tribulations of putting together an outfit that embraces the short stature and also looks stylish. However, this should not be the case, as there are plenty of fashion tips that can help you give yourself a style makeover and say goodbye to the days of basic fashion.

Throughout the years, fashion experts have urged short girls to follow certain fashion tips to create looks that can leave a lasting impression. From wearing dresses that create a perfect proportion like wrap dresses and maxi dresses that feature thigh-long slits to pairing heels with all types of outfits, there are numerous ways to elongate one’s frame and also look incredibly stylish. These are tried-and-tested tips and tricks that can help you transition from basic to fashion-forward appearance.

Here are the best fashion tips for short girls:

1. High Waisted Style

Wearing the right type of bottom wear is essential to make a fashion statement. According to style experts, petite women should opt for a high waisted style as it helps create an optical illusion. With high wasted bottom wear options, you can make your legs appear longer. High waisted trousers and jeans have made a major comeback in the fashion scene and are versatile clothing items that can be adorned with a variety of top wear options. While buying trousers, skirts or pair of denim, pick a high wasted style and get your fashion game on point. Pair high waisted skirts or trousers with any type of top or blouse to strut your fashionable style wherever you go.

Fashion Tips For Short Girls

2. Layer your Outfits

Layering your outfits can instantly elevate your style. This amazing fashion tip creates a well-balanced look and by layering you can update any type of basic outfit. Clothing items like jackets, long cardigans, scarves, ponchos, kimonos, and coats are excellent layering pieces that make an eye-catching impact. These fashionable layering pieces can upgrade your style and make you look effortlessly chic. Give an edgy twist to an otherwise basic outfit with these layering pieces and look uber-stylish.

Fashion Tips For Short Girls

3. Wear Heels

This is hands down the most useful fashion tip for short girls. Heels do not just add extra inches to one’s height but also look stylish and glamorous. They are versatile and can be worn with all types of outfit ensembles. Trousers, skirts, dresses, etc., look excellent with heels. Moreover, there are an incredible array of heels such as heeled boots, stilettos, wedge sandals, pumps, etc., that you can add to your shoe closet to perfect your style game. Whether it is a casual, ethnic, or formal gathering, finish your outfit with a pair of heels to look like a stunning diva.

Fashion Tips For Short Girls

4. Fitted Clothing  

Wearing well-fitted clothes is a tried-and-tested fashion tip that most short girls swear by. By picking outfits that fit closer to their figure, short girls can create a flattering look. In case you are unable to find clothes that fit you perfectly well, you can try to get them altered to your size. This fashion tip can make a world of difference to your entire appearance. Whether it is a silk blouse or a wrap dress, pick the size that is closest to your figure as wearing baggy clothes can make you appear shorter. Loose fitted clothes do not complement the short frame and can create an imbalanced look. Whether you are dressing up for a casual brunch with besties or for a corporate meeting, follow this fashion tip to look your absolute best.

Fashion Tips For Short Girls

5. Boot Cut Bottom Wear

Bottom wears like boot cut jeans and trousers that feature flare at the bottom can elongate your frame. This type of bottom wear can add a few inches to your length whilst making you look like a bold fashionista. With boot cut jeans or trousers, adorn a V-neck blouse along with a pair of high heels or ankle-length boost with heels to look attractive and stylish.

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Fashion Tips For Short Girls

6. Midi Skirts

Midi skirts are the best type of skirts for short girls as they flatter the short frame. Other types of skirts like mini skirts, pencil skirts, long skirts are often cited as not suitable for petite frame by a lot of professional style experts. These skirts can make your frame look even shorter and create a disproportionate look. Instead of these skirts, add midi skirts to your wardrobe and style them with various types of tops and shirts to look instantly more fashionable. Sport a pair of ankle-length boots, platform sneakers or pointed high heels and trendy sunglasses for an eye-catching impact.

Fashion Tips For Short Girls

7. Accessorize Stylishly

Accessories are integral to styling. Adding accessories like belts, scarves, bags, can transform your fashion style and elevate your style game. However, when it comes to accessorizing an outfit, it is imperative to pick the ones that complement the petite frame. While picking a belt to adorn with a dress, it is highly advised to pick thin belts instead of thick ones. Similarly, instead of carrying big bags like totes, use medium-size bags like satchels or small crossbody bags to create a fashionable look. Accessorizing strategically is essential to getting a shorter style right. Pair a thin belt with a well-fitted dress and carry a satchel bag to make a major fashion statement.

Fashion Tips For Short Girls

Did you find today’s fashion tips helpful? Leave a comment if you want to add anything!

Fashion Tips For Short Girls
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