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wardrobe mistakes to avoid to look younger

5 Wardrobe Mistakes That Make You Look Older and How to Look Younger

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

We all have bought or worn clothes which made us “happy” at that moment, but eventually, we realized those were making us look older, not appropriate or presentable. These wardrobe mistakes can make us feel uninspired towards fashion and style. So… Don’t leave your wardrobe to work against you when it comes to fashion.

It is incredible how many years can be subtracted or added from our age by style and specific clothing details. Improper color of the fabric, an uninspired skirt or an unflattering material can add lots of pounds and make us look ten years older. In this article, we will reveal to you some wardrobe mistakes that make us look older, and also, how to prevent these.

1. Wrong Fabric Materials

Wearing heavy and thick materials, which does not make the most flattering shape, isn’t a wise move. Which is why, opt for soft flowing materials like soft cotton, silk, chiffon, chinon, satin, georgette, etc which will flatter the structure.

According to InStyle, opt for-

  • “Flat” materials which don’t add volume. Pick cotton, denim, silk, or wool gabardine.
  • Some fabrics actually help slim and shape. Try jersey, cashmere, fine cotton, and anything with a touch of spandex.
  • Wear bulky materials sparingly, such as wide-wale corduroy, crushed velvet, metallic, leather, suede, mohair, angora, brocade, taffeta, boucle, satin, fringe and flannel.
wardrobe mistakes to avoid to look old

2. Too Much Black

Black is generally elegant on a lot of occasions, yet some times it adds years on our “life bouquet”, and becomes less flattering. As we get older, our skin tends to become whiter and darker clothes and black hair form too much contrast drawing attention to our dark circles, wrinkles, and fine lines. You will get rid of five years by switching your black hair shade to a brown. Also, you can wear colorful accessories with your black outfit if you are an all black-outfit fan.

If you want to skip the accessory, go for a bright pink or red lip with your black outfit. Here are 21 shades of red lipsticks you can choose from.

wardrobe mistakes to avoid to look old

3. Wrong Size Dresses

Wear a 10 if you are a 10. Don’t try to size down your clothes. This does not make us look younger and thinner. If your body experiences any significant change, probably due to childbirth or aging, don’t force yourself into old dresses. If you don’t want to get rid of your favorite outfit, but your clothing is too loose, you can alter it or wear a belt.  

4. Colors & Prints

Select colors and prints that go with your age and body type. Do not just opt for colors/prints since it’s trending. Consult a personal shopper or a fashion consultant to assist you in choosing your wardrobe. You can ask them about your wardrobe needs, which are your style and body type. As for example, the outfit on the left is fun and colorful, but as I am in my mid-30s, I will skip it. Rather I would go for the outfit on the right with colorful printed headband and accessory.

wardrobe mistakes to avoid to look older

5. Dress Your Age

So how should we dress? Notice and try to identify if your dress is too old, too young or too trendy. In the end, it’ll boil down to moderation. It’s better to keep up with the color trends, yet not to try too hard. It is okay to make an effort to look more youthful; you want to ensure you do not go overboard. Wear outfits fitting each occasion and wear the trends moderating it to your own personal style.

Some Fashion Tips To Help You Look Younger

You can update a few items in your wardrobe to look more youthful and fresh. A pop of color together with other simple tips or tricks can make a remarkable difference. Here are some of the simple fashion tips that help to make you look younger: 

Select A New Pair Of Glasses:

Heavy, dark or very bold frames can emphasize saggy under eye skin and wrinkles while making the facial features appear harsh. Brighten up your face by experimenting with a colorful frame. Try different frames in different colors and patterns. After you get your new frames, add some concealer under and around your eyes and dab a bit of light satin shadow on the inner corner. You will look fresh and youthful!

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wardrobe mistakes to avoid to look older
  • Choose Natural Fabrics: Crumpled, ill-fitting or too-tight materials can emphasize wrinkles, mainly if worn close to your face.
  • Illuminate Your Face: It can make you look immediately younger by making your face appear brighter. Try to wear an item of clothing that has a white collar.
  • Accessorize: Instead of going overboard with chunky accessories or going totally accessory-less, opt for delicate pieces or adding pieces which will look effortless and elevate your outfit.
wardrobe mistakes to avoid to look older

Get Your Bra Refitted:

The size and shape of our breasts change with hormonal fluctuations due to pregnancy, health conditions and aging. Ensure you wear the right size bra because the wrong one won’t flatter your figure and is not good for your health. A proper bra helps to elevate the chest to a higher altitude, providing you with a slimmer, longer-looking waist. As a result, it will make you look younger. 

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wardrobe mistakes to avoid to look older
  • Choose The Right Shoes: Your shoes can have a significant effect on your overall look. It’s best to opt for designs making your legs appear longer.  Eg.: Pointed toe with heels. Legs looking longer will have a youthful impact on your whole demeanor.
  • Don’t Avoid Sparkle: Some sequins can work effectively to upbeat appearance and give a young, especially on a jumpsuit or a top. Match sparkles with high heels, and you’ll look amazing. 
  • Wear Less Black: Many women often black since it is slimming. However, it can age us as we get older. You can have some fun with a few brighter colors. Wearing something vibrant can make you feel younger.  Neutral colors can also work well. Neutral colors can help to complement your skin tone.
  • Monochromatic: Love a specific color? Wear monochromatic attire. But instead of going for head to toe same color, choose clothes in the same color family with different patterns and textures- try mixing lace with leather or solid color with same colored print.

For example: go for the right picture below if you want to wear all white. If you really want to wear the left-sided look, wear a belt with some details with it to add dimension and color.

wardrobe mistakes to avoid to look older

At the end of the day, no matter how many fashion rules there are and no matter which one you “should” follow, it’s all up to your preference! Rock your style and be your fabulous self!

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wardrobe mistakes to avoid to look older
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