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5 coffee trends for 2019

5 Coffee Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

It’s no secret that coffee has established itself as a fashionable drink and is here to stay, but like fashion, it is ever changing and evolving. 2018 brought us more cold brew, spiced coffee, introduced new and reintroduced some traditional methods of brewing, so what can we expect for 2019? Well, coffee has been around for a long time, so we won’t necessarily see too many new things coming this year, but more on expanding the methods of brewing, additions to already popular coffees, and additional attention paid to quality and sustainability.

5 coffee trends for 2019

1. Cold Brew

Cold brew has become popular over the past few years and this year we can expect to see its popularity sore even further. More and more coffee drinkers are brewing coffee at home and experimenting with different brewing methods. Cold brew is a really long process (16-24 hours) and it can be made in many different ways and using different vessels and containers. The long brewing process takes place at very low temperatures, consequentially creating a less acidic taste and a tendency to be sweeter than regular brew.

People are using mason jars, carafes, jugs, french presses already and we can expect to see new and interesting items used for the brewing process pop up this year. Cold brew coffee also lasts up to 2 weeks, therefore storing your coffee in creative and artistic bottles and containers can be quite fun and interesting.

5 coffee trends for 2019

2. Gourmet & Sustainability

While many coffee drinkers solely rely on their brew for their shot of energy in the mornings, the aficionados look for quality and new tastes. In recent years we have seen many small roasters popping up and a surge in varieties of coffee from all over the world have become available. In years past, the selection of coffee and brands had been quite limited, but now we have and can expect to see more options, more flavors and more craft coffee roasters offering their beans locally.

Not only are discerning tastes becoming more demanding, but with environmental awareness and fair business practices becoming more important to consumers every year, the demand for fair trade coffee and sustainable organic growing methods are rising as well. While we all love a good cup of coffee, we also want to know that our morning cup isn’t contributing to bad employment and environmental practices.

5 coffee trends for 2019

3. Specialty Coffees and Additions

Nitro coffee comes out of the recent craze for everything craft. Its coffee infused with nitrogen gas and results in a rich and creamy carbonated texture. Nitro coffee is very strong and some companies are selling it in cans, which means, it can be taken with you anywhere you go.

Non-dairy options to milk have been around for a long time, but in 2019 you can expect to see cafes stock more varieties of non-dairy milk. Macadamia, rice, oat, cashew, coconut and almond milk are all becoming popular substitutes to dairy which can already be, or will soon be available for your latte or flat white.

Butter coffee is something you may have heard about, but it should be something you should try. With a dash of butter or coconut oil, the creamy taste isn’t too far off from the taste of cream. It also has the advantage of giving you the shot of energy you expect without the caffeine crash.

5 coffee trends for 2019

4. Home Brew Methods and Machines

While the grind and brew coffee machines have already proved its merit in millions of kitchens worldwide, coffee lovers are also looking for new and creative ways of brewing their favorite bean. We’ve seen the re-invention of the drip method, brewing Turkish using a cezve, but what’s next?

The Chemex is another take on the drip method, it is very aesthetic and brews a clean floral cup.

The manual and lever espresso machines are gaining in popularity for the real enthusiasts. It’s probably the best way to connect to the brewing process but does take a fair bit of practice to get it right.

5 coffee trends for 2019

5. Ready to Drink Coffee

While this may not be very appealing to the hardcore coffee enthusiast, ready to drink coffee is becoming more and more popular with the younger consumer. There are more iced lattes, cold brews and nitro coffee options than ever before and this trend seems to be getting stronger. Like it or not, 2019 will see more coffee in a can than any time before.

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5 coffee trends for 2019
About the Guest Author:

Written by Ava, one of the Content Specialists in Coffee Dorks. We’re crazy about coffee and it shows in the numerous coffee machines, beans, and brewing processes we’ve tested. We compile and share expert advice to our readers to help them enjoy the best cup and start their day the happiest way possible.

5 coffee trends for 2019

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