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how to revive hair post winter-Sifa's Corner

How to Revive Hair After Winter by Tony Odisho

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

This year winter in Midwest/ North Dakota was beyond anything I have ever experienced. I can feel my skin and hair has changed in this rough weather.

The winter months can do a number on your hair, leaving it dry, dull, and limp. That’s why it’s extremely important to combat its effects as we make our way into spring. The focus should be on hydration, nourishment, and shine. Here are some tips contributed by Tony Odisho to revive your hair after winter.

Use the right brush

One of the easiest ways to combat dry hair is by simply using the right brush. Brushing your hair 1-2 times a day (or once in the shower if you have curly hair) with a mixed boar bristle Paddle Brush helps distribute the natural oils from your scalp to the rest of your hair. This a great way to nourish and add some natural shine to your dry ends.

how to revive your hair after winter- sifa's corner

Try a Deep Conditioning Treatment

In order to fully revive your hair after winter, deep moisturization and nourishment is a must. That’s why we recommend doing a deep conditioning treatment every 1-2 weeks. The Ostia Collection Intense Conditioner is perfect for this because it doubles as a hair mask. All you have to do is apply it from the mid-shaft to ends and let it sit for 4-5 minutes before rinsing.

how to revive your hair after winter- sifa's corner

Wash with the Restore Line

The Ostia Collection Restore Shampoo and Conditioner are ideal to revive your hair after winter or even just for color treated or heat damaged hair. This pair of products restores moisture to dry, frizzy hair and even offers nourishment and UV protection. That’s why they’re among our most popular products!

how to revive your hair after winter- sifa's corner

Apply a Serum

The Smooth Serum is lifesaver when it comes to reviving hair. It adds moisture and shine without weighing hair down or making it look greasy. Apply it to wet hair after washing or to dry hair as needed for added shine. It works wonders on  dry, damaged hair and even helps tame frizz. 

It’s not hard to revive your hair after winter, but it is very important! Cold weather can really knock the shine and hydration out, so it’s essential to take steps to combat this. With these easy tips, you’ll have gorgeous, deeply moisturized hair just in time for spring!

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how to revive your hair after winter- sifa's corner
More about Tony Odisho:

Tony Odisho, President and Founder of Tony Odisho, began his career in Rome, Italy, where he studied cosmetology at the prestigious Marelena Academy. Young and ambitious, Odisho immigrated to the United States determined to bring the best beauty practices from Europe.  He was promptly hired by L’Oreal Professionnel to work as an educator and color expert. Tony then opened his acclaimed salon and spa, Exsalonce, in Roscoe Village, Chicago.. Tony’s reputation as a master extensionist and businessman landed him an executive position for a major hair extensions brand. In 2009, Tony saw the need for his own line of high end hair extensions.  He created Tony Odisho, offering the best quality extensions and everything needed to apply and care for them.  Tony Odisho, Beauty for Life. Tony Odisho is still a master stylist and a member of the prestigious Intercoiffure America-Canada.

how to revive your hair after winter- sifa's corner

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