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Speechless Dresses and Hannah Kat Jones “Metamorphosis” Collaboration

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Speechless Dresses and Hannah Kat Jones Unveil New “Metamorphosis” Dress at NYFW

PRESS RELEASE: Speechless (www.speechless.com) has partnered with high-power fashion influencer/model Hannah Kat Jones to create a signature dress designed specifically for women that are as relentless and positive as her. Known for their unique styles that blend the latest trends, colors, and fashion elements, Speechless is your go-to brand artfully crafted for the bold, free-spirited fashion enthusiast. The collaboration launched just in time for New York Fashion Week and StyleCon on September 8th, Speechlesspresents a one-of-a-kind design made for a versatile lifestyle, inspired by one of the social media’s hottest stars.

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The all-new “Metamorphosis” dress captures Hannah’s desire for transformative fashion that fits a spectrum of occasions. The newest dress from Speechless is a collaboration of design,  inspired by Hannah herself to be as adaptable as you are, with moveable, layered fabric and a versatile silhouette that can create many different looks. Made to wear at any event or occasion, the “Metamorphosis” dress ensures that whether you’re enjoying a casual walk in the park, hitting the late-night party scene, or catching your favorite band at the latest music festival, you’ll never be caught in the same dress twice.

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More than just a bold fashion statement, the dress embodies the revolutionary spirit of today’s strong generation of women, working together to bring powerful positivity to humanity. Featuring embroidered butterflies that symbolize freedom and transformation, the design will inspire and empower you every single day to discover and express your uniquely gorgeous style as you pave your own way and follow your path through history.

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About Speechless Dresses:

Since 2001, Speechless Dresses has designed dresses to complement the bold, fast-paced, free-spirited lives of the females that inspire us. Based in Los Angeles, where life is fast-paced and fun, we hand-select fabrics, textures, and silhouettes tailored for every season of life, creating flawless pieces that powerfully express the many shades of you. Taking the hottest trends of the moment and delivering the tastes and styles you crave, Speechless Dresses will always #LeaveThemSpeechless. Visit https://www.speechless.com/ to learn more or follow @SpeechlessDresses on Instagram for the latest trends.


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