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Tips for Managing A Bad Haircut

How to Manage A Bad Haircut

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Tips for Managing A Bad Haircut

It happens more than you think. A haircut that seemed like a good idea now feels like a disaster if it doesn’t turn out like you imagined. In fact, a recent study by Toni & Guy found that 1 in 5 women have left a salon in tears over their hair.  And if it’s right before a big date, special occasion, picture day, family milestone, or a major life event, you could be in a panic mode. But before you decide to cancel, hide, or run away, Barely Xtensions offers some advice.

“Women have a lot of options when it comes to ‘covering up’ a bad haircut. For example, certain styles can minimize the appearance of a dramatic change and hair extensions can help you add length and volume while your natural hair grows back out if the cut was more than you anticipated,” suggests Jennifer Hutchens, Brand and Product Development Director with Barely Xtensions.

Tips for Managing A Bad Haircut

Here are some of the tips the pros suggest if you’ve had a bad haircut:


Help it Grow

Healthy hair will grow more quickly and won’t break. Ironically, trimming helps. You should take about 1/8 of an inch off every 10-12 weeks to avoid split ends and breakage higher up on the hair. Conditioning every time you wash is also recommended to replace lipids and proteins inside the hair, keeping it strong and healthy so that it continues to grow without breaking.  Although no product can guarantee to speed up growth, the key to adding inches is maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle will help make your hair grow efficiently. You can also try vitamins like Sugar Bear Hair , which are loaded with Biotin, B12, and other clinically proven ingredients to support hair growth, which will help the process.

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Trick the Eyes

If your hair is too short for your liking and has natural waves or curls, use a flat iron from the roots to ends to remove any hint of texture and comb straight through to give the illusion of length. Products like IGK Hair Good Behavior Smoothing Spray will help smoothen strands and keep hair extra sleek and shiny similar to a keratin treatment.

Tips for Managing A Bad Haircut


Let New Hairstyles Become A Way Of Life

Make the best of a bad cut by experimenting with new hairstyles. There is nothing a bun really can’t fix. If you still have the length, try to perfect the topknot, messy bun or even space buns to disguise a less-than-perfect haircut. Braids are super stylish too and who knows maybe the bad cut will make you learn to master them. Starts with a simple three-strand braid then work your way into learning more complex ones like the French, fishtail or even faux braids! All are pretty simple so head over to Pinterest, get some inspiration and express your creativity.

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Fake It Till You Make It

If you didn’t go too short, you could consider clip in hair extensions while your hair grows out like those from Barely Xtensions for instant length, thickness and glamour. If the shortest layer of hair is about 6 inches long then extensions can be your new BFF. On average, hair grows about 1/2 an inch per month so while you’re waiting for your hair to grow, you can create your desired length with extensions. Of course, like 38 percent of all women, you may like the look so much you’ll continue to wear extensions even when your hair grows back for the added volume.

Tips for Managing A Bad Haircut


Cover Up With Hair Accessories

Use accessories to cover up what you dislike about your hair or distract attention away from that portion of it. Headbands are great when it comes to mistakes in the front on your hair, like the oops moments that happens oh so often with bangs! Kitsch has some great options that will look super stylish. You can also try out fashionable hats like these fabulous options we found at Forever21.

Tips for Managing A Bad Haircut


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Tips for Managing A Bad Haircut

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