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5 Things of November

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Goodbye November, It’s almost 2018! This month went by scheduling and creating posts for the next month. I am super excited for December, keeping my fingers toes and everything crossed for what’s coming. Those of you who are thinking why this article looks a bit different than the rest, it is part of a new series on my blog. I have started to write about 5 things of the month taking a more personal approach. So here are the 5 things of November. (You can read the October 5 things here.)


I worked with a clothing brand called “Epica Clothing” on Instagram and I featured a light greyish pink top. Generally, I tend to wear darker colors like black, navy blue and dark red/maroon, but this light colored top (pictured below) really surprised me! I love how it looks and feels.

Moral of the story: You should definitely try something new out of your comfort zone every now and then.



I reorganized my home office this month and added a few things to make it more comfortable while I am working there. It includes this very cozy Black Velvet pillow and the Black velvet throw blanket. Black- because I am constantly working with colorful products and they drop here and there all the time. (clumsy me!) These are from Ankit if you are wondering. These add a nice touch of comfort and warmth to my working space.



Speaking of home office, I have filmed quite a few videos for December and I think you are going to love these. I am working towards uploading a new video every week on my YouTube channel. So it’s definitely exciting!


I am also working on various articles from holiday gift guide to product spotlight. Stay tuned!


I have found this extremely affordable and effective mirror for makeup recently. It’s a lighted magnification mirror with 2x, 3x and 10x mirror. It is a lifesaver as I don’t see very well without glasses, the magnification part works great for me as I am creating a makeup look for all of you. Here is where you can find it (online link)

makeup mirror

What are you excited about the coming month of December? Comment below!

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