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Christmas New Years Party Outfit

How to Pick Your Christmas & New Years Party Outfit

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Sometimes I dread going out for a party…because it feels like too much work putting together an outfit (#IntrovertProblem). The end of the year is one of the times filled with parties and social activities. If you are one of those people (like me), who always overthinks the outfit choices, then today, I am here to make it easier. I will be sharing some tips and examples of how you can pick a Christmas or New Years Party Outfit and absolutely rock it!

4 Tips on how to pick your Christmas & New Years Party Outfit:

Tip: 1- Focus on one item

Christmas and New Years’ eve is the best occasions to wear glittery or embellished outfits. However, if you are going for that route, focus on either the top or the bottom part to stand out. For example, do not wear an embellished top with a glittery bottom. It makes the whole outfit pretty busy. So either wear the embellished top with a satin bottom, eg.: paperbag pants, leather pants, OR wear that glittery bottom with a solid colored top.

focus on one item
(Choose a simple top with a glittery skirt)
glittery top with jeans and pumps
(Wear a statement top with your jeans and add a cute pair of shoes)

Tip: 2- Mix feminine with masculine

If you are wearing a flowy A-line skirt, wear a well-fitted long sleeve Tee and if you are going for a soft feminine blouse with lace and bows, wear well-fitted pants. It’s all about creating a balance to make the outfit stand out.

mix feminine with masculine

Tip: 3- For modesty, add layers

Have you ever found a dress that you love with all your heart only to find out it’s a bit revealing? Been there!
When this happens, I think of how I can make that dress work for me.

  • If the dress is sleeveless and shows the chest area (eg.: Slip Dress), I will add my halftee layering t-shirt (use code “sifascorner” to get 20% off) or even a neutral colored shirt or tee underneath to cover the arms and chest.
  • If the dress is too tight and ends above the knee, I can add a flowy maxi skirt to cover the rest of my legs.
  • If the dress ends below the knee (eg.: body hugging dresses), I can wear a pair of opaque tights with ankle boots.
  • If the dress is too short and fitted (eg.: mini dresses), I can wear paperbag or straight ankle length pants and make that dress work as a top. Paperbag pants are forgiving and if you can choose the proper pair, it can hide any bulge.
modesty outfit ideas
(With this flowy skirt, either add the top from the left or the mini dress from the right)
how to wear slip dress modestly
(Add a turtleneck top with your slip dress)
Wear dress with a pant
(Add a well-fitted pair of pants with your mini dress)
Christmas New Years Party Outfit ideas
(Add neutral pants with your mini dress and create contrast with your accessories)

Tip: 4- Add a statement accessory

I love to accessorize! In my previous article, Holiday Party Fashion Accessories to Make You Stand Out, I have talked about how you can use different accessories to make your outfit unique. If you haven’t read that yet, take a look and come back here again.

Are you back?
Good! So now that you know the various accessories, i.e. jewelry, handbag, hair accessories etc, you can use pick the one or two you love and add them to your outfit. Wear your favorite lipstick, and you are ready to enjoy the party.

In a nutshell…….

The tips mentioned above are not gospel. These are general guidelines you can follow. Because it only matters what you like and what your personal style is at the end of the day. You can read more about this on: Style Improvements: How to Improve Personal Style for the New Year and also, How to Make Your Everyday Style Look More Expensive (& Sophisticated).
Happy holidays!

Now that you have an idea about how to construct your Christmas & New Years Party Outfit, tell us which tips you liked most? Do share in a comment below!

Christmas New Years Party Outfit

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