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Holiday Party Fashion Accessories

Holiday Party Fashion Accessories to Make You Stand Out

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

The holiday season is almost here, and you are probably already planning out the outfits to wear to the various events you will be attending. However, even if you are not planning to attend any public gathering (*cough* Covid *cough*), you can easily incorporate the following fashion items to make your outfit look stunning for any party.

There are so many new trends to incorporate into your personal style to make it unique! Whether footwear, jewelry, handbags, or sunglasses, a touch of lipstick and a cool accessory will make you stand out even more.


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Holiday Party Fashion Accessories to Consider:


Despite the heavy presence of floral prints this season, lavender is the trendiest color of the year! So, make sure to incorporate a statement piece in this color, like a blazer, for example. 

Holiday parties are the perfect occasion to wear dresses. This Green Slip Dress or the super cute Tiered Mini Dress will make you the heart of the party.

Scarves & Handkerchiefs

Scarves and Handkerchiefs are making an appearance among the top fashion trends this year. There are several ways you can incorporate them in your outfit; you can style them as neckerchiefs and headscarves (my personal favorite) to keep warm or even attach them to the handle of your handbag for a pop of color.

Textured handbags

Textured handbags are all the craze right now. From cross bodies that take after puffer coats, woven tote bags, and ruched shoulder bags… this item is a season must-have. The trendiest pieces are woven leather bags, furry bags, and puffed-up handbags- these are highly trendy and festive!

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Platform shoes

Platform lace-up boots, loafers, and sandals are also dominating the fashion scene this year. Their style can surely add some fun to your holiday outfit. Paired with a cute dress, this is the perfect go-to outfit for a gathering with family and friends. Apart from their unique look, platform shoes also bring back the 70s style with a modern twist.

Not a fan of platform shoes? Try a cute pair of pumps.

Large waist belts

Wide waist belts have made a huge comeback this year. There are countless ways to style these belts: you can wear them over a dress or even a coat to accentuate your waist. Waist belts go well with any outfit, from high-waisted pants, sweaters, and even skirts.

Hoop earrings

Earrings are an essential element of fashion, and this fall, people are going for bigger earrings. They are classic and favorite for many jewelry fanatics, which is why the trend persists season after season. Whether big, medium, or small hoops, this trend also comes in multiple varieties, including two-tone options, sculptured, and sharply detailed pairs. For example, these Twist Hoops are fabulous as holiday party accessories, aren’t they? More Hoop earrings are here.

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Retro looking sunglasses

Another accessory that is fun and functional is sunglasses. Vintage sunglasses are among the most popular trends this year: from oversized and colorful lenses, directional shapes, and diverse prints, these are all the craze. They can blend well with many different outfits to keep you looking fabulous.

Statement socks and printed tights

Statement socks and printed tights will keep you warm when wearing dresses and skirts and give your outfits a chic touch. Tights with various prints such as florals, zebra stripes, checkerboard, or even snake prints are highly fashionable.
Feeling a bit daring? For the holiday season, look for holiday-themed tights, like plaid prints or with small Christmas trees! Printed tights go well under any dress or skirt and can be paired with other colorful prints for an extra vibrant look. 

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What are your most favorite holiday party accessories? Share with us in the comment below.

Holiday Party Fashion Accessories

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