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How Often Do You Need A Haircut

How Often Do You Need A Haircut?

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

This is an age-old question, isn’t it? Deciding when it is time to have your haircut can be difficult. If you do it too soon, you don’t feel you are getting your money’s worth. But, on the other hand, leave it too long, and your hair will start to look misshapen and not flattering. Plus, you will develop split ends if you regularly do not trim your hair.

So how do you know when to go for a haircut. Don’t worry, I have got you covered!

How often you should be visiting your hairdresser?

The Average Approach

On average, people visit the hairdresser every six weeks to have their hair trimmed, tidied, or even re-styled. This is generally a reasonable interval that will keep your hair looking its best.

Of course, you’ll need to care for your hair between appointments properly. That means using superior and proper hair care products for your hair needs. It also means not washing it too often and keeping an eye on the overall condition of your hair. 

However, while this is a good average, everyone, and their hair, are different. Therefore, you need to consider the following factors when deciding how often to have your hair cut. 

Factors to consider:

1. Styling 

The most obvious sign that you need a haircut is when your hair will not retain the style you were initially left with from the salon. You’ll find that you naturally change the styling of your hair to suit the length while maintaining an affinity for the original hairstyle. 

The best way to check that your hair is no longer capable of going into the original style is to take a picture of yourself when your hair has just been cut and styled. The moment you are unable to repeat that specific style, you should book a hair appointment.

2. Damage 

In general, damaged hair is caused by a lack of proper care or using the wrong products. However, this can be easily rectified with the right product choices. For example, the Redken range has a vast collection of different products for different needs. So choose the products according to your hair condition and keep them damage-free till your next hair appointment.

However, if your hair is already damaged, then you’ll want to book an appointment at your hairdressers to see if they can improve the condition while the right products take effect. 

3. Length Of Your Hair

It makes sense that shorter hairstyles need regular trimming. Otherwise, the short styles start to look scruffy if not regularly cut, and So experts Experts recommend that people with short hair and bobs go every 3-4 weeks to have their hair trimmed.

Don’t forget; hair grows an average of 1.5 inches per month. That’s a lot on a short haircut.

Mid-length hair is generally the most forgiving as it will roughly adhere to a style but is long enough to allow some growth. 6-8 weeks is a reasonable timeline for a mid-length haircut.

On a longer style, it is barely noticeable, and you may even want the additional length. So if you maintain proper hair care, you can lengthen the hair cut session for a longer time. Providing your hair is healthy, you may be able to get away with leaving your hair for as long as 12 weeks without a cut!

4. Growing It Out

If you are trying to grow your hair long, you’ll still need to visit the hairdresser. This is because your original style will disappear. However, providing the hairdresser knows you are growing your hair out, they will create hairstyles that work for you while you are growing it. 

Although this increases the regularity of your visits to the hairdresser, it will help your hair stay healthy and look good as you grow it.

Of course, once your hair has grown out, you can stretch the visits to as much as 8-12 weeks.

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5. Issues With Split Ends

If you frequently have split ends, your hair is dry and damaged, and you need a haircut. Your hairdresser can trim the split ends, help you care for your hair, and suggest products and ways to prevent it.

In a nutshell……

…. several variables need to be considered when deciding how often to have your hair cut. But, regardless of what you choose, it is essential to remember that this is a personal decision. 

The more defined your style, the easier it is to notice if your hair needs a cut or not. That is likely to bother you and force you back to the salon. For example, if you have bangs, you could be getting it cut as little as every two weeks.

It’s essential to be aware of the factors that influence the regularity of your hairdresser visits. These can help you to decide the right style and create a balance between maintaining it and how often you need to see your hairdresser. I highly encourage you to read my previous article on How to Take Care of Your Hair without Going to Hair Salon- The Ultimate Hair Care Guide.

How often do you go for a haircut? Share with us in the comment section.

How Often Do You Need A Haircut

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