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How to Take Care of Your Hair without Going to Hair Salon

How to Take Care of Your Hair without Going to Hair Salon- The Ultimate Hair Care Guide

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Going to the salon was one of our favorite ways to practice self-care during pre-pandemic times. We’d get to have our hair cut, treated, and colored to bring out the best in us. Now that this option is not feasible at the moment, many of us are left wondering what to do instead. With anxiety creeping in during these uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to continue practicing self-care. Despite the ongoing pandemic, we don’t have to neglect our hair maintenance routines. 

Our hair plays a big role in our overall mood and wellness. Doing your own hair care routine at home can be a form of therapy and perhaps even make life easier to bear. Here are some recommendations from the top stylists on what you can do to take care of your hair without going to hair salon.

How to Take Care of Your Hair without Going to Hair Salon:

For the Frequent Salon-Goers

Whether you attend online meetings all day or meet up with friends via virtual happy hours, you’ll still want to look put together, even if it seems like the world is falling apart. If you regularly visit the salon for treatments and blow-outs, now is the time to let your hair rest from all the heat styling you’ve given it in the past.

You might be tempted to bust out the flat iron after washing your hair. However, use this time to try out other hairstyles that put minimal strain on your hair and won’t require a lot of effort on your part. Be creative and learn how to style hair using bobby pins, hair ties, headbands, and hair wraps. 

For the Wash-and-Wear girls

Even if your hair is already low maintenance, to begin with, you can still give it some extra care during this time. For instance, try using a microfiber hair wrap after your bath. It requires less rubbing and pulling compared to your regular bath towel. Air dry your hair and let your strands loose. If you need a little bit of styling, apply a texturizing spray, and use the blow dryer on its lowest setting to add volume and lift. 

How to Take Care of Your Hair without Going to Hair Salon

Treat Your Hair

There are many hair treatments on the market, and it can feel a bit overwhelming when trying to decide what to use. The key here is to determine your hair type before making a purchase.
If you have coarse or curly hair, go for moisturizing products. Have bleached or damaged hair? Opt for protein-based products to give it strength. And if you have squeaky-clean hair, use a nourishing oil to fortify your locks. For an easy “wash & go” routine, read the previous article on How to Style 2C Curly Hair with ZOTOS All About Curls Collection- Stylers (Review & Tips).

Covering Up Your Roots

If your roots are starting to grow out substantially and you’re looking for a quick fix, you can buy root sprays and touch-up kits on your next grocery run.  If they’re out of stock and you have your hair colored darker, use eyeshadows and bronzers to darken those roots. If you are a blonde with naturally dark hair, you can change the way you part your hair, or learn how to twist your bangs to conceal the roots. A great option for at-home hair color is Schwarzkopf Keratin Color + Moisture Hair Color.

Attend to Your Scalp

The scalp is often neglected, but it’s also important for keeping your hair healthy and shiny. Treat yourself to an invigorating scalp self-massage to rejuvenate the skin, promote hair growth, and remove buildup that hasn’t been removed during washing. Use a scalp scrub to awaken your hair from the roots. Here are some great scrubs that can be used on the scalp.

Avoid Cutting Your Own Hair

Learn to appreciate and embrace your natural hair instead of attempting to cut it on your own. After all, it is harder to hide a bad haircut than it is to hide untrimmed hair.  But if you still feel compelled to give yourself a slight trim, be sure to use the sharpest scissors that you have. Wash your hair first, then separate it into four sections. Angle the scissors and start snipping small pieces of hair at a time, with no more than a quarter-inch at the ends of your hair.

If you’re planning to cut your bangs, use a wide-tooth comb to separate it from the rest of your hair and pull it away from your face using the middle and index fingers. While keeping the bangs in between the fingers, flip the ends upwards and snip away. Don’t cut the hair in a straight line; use the point cutting technique which cuts from an angle, as this results in a more natural look.
If you couldn’t fight the urge and got a little scissor-happy, here’s How to Manage A Bad Haircut.

Switch Hairstyles 

Most of the time we end up doing the same thing over and over again without even realizing it, especially when it comes to hair. Get out of the hair rut and experiment with different hairstyles, whether it’s wearing a bun or trying a new braiding technique. Read the post about How to Create a Voluminous Ponytail Hairstyle.

Don’t Forget About Your Extensions

If you’ve got hair extensions, it’s just as important to nourish and care for your extensions as it is your natural hair. Follow the care instructions provided by your hair extensions provider for best results.

These are simple, yet effective tips. Follow this guide to take care of your hair without going to a hair salon. Got a new tip to add? Share with us below!

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