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Beauty Tips For a Summer Wedding

11 Beauty Tips to remember before attending a summer wedding

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Weddings are always a lovely event and this year’s wedding season is at its peak. Summer weddings have a specific charm, as long as you make sure you are not one of the guests who are sweating at the reception, have smeared makeup and other summer issues. If you follow these summer wedding beauty tips, the wedding you’re attending will be a truly pleasant experience, making you look your best.


Pick the right clothes

The trick with summer clothes is to wear layers. You’ll need a pashmina or at least a lightweight jacket to throw over your shoulders after the sunset. Choosing light color dresses made of cotton will allow your skin to breathe while silky fabrics will stick easily to your skin, making it too obvious when you sweat even a little. Loose-fitting is also a smarter option.

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Beauty Tips For a Summer Wedding

Wear comfortable shoes

If it has been suggested to wear sensible shoes, follow the advice. It’s possible you will condemn yourself to walk in stilettos across a rocky cliff, a grassy lawn or a beach. It’ll be not only annoying when your heels sink into the ground but it could also be painful. Consider wedges, chic flats, and ballerina flat instead. Alternatively, bring a pair of flip flops if your feet get really sore.

Beauty Tips For a Summer Wedding

Forget about the moisturizer

Your skin won’t miss a moisturizer for just one day. You’ll be better off without one more layer on your skin. Switch to an oil-free primer or a priming spray before you apply makeup – it’s lightweight and makes a great foundation.

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Get icy

Use ice cubes to rub your face with it in a circular motion. It will shrink the open pores, reducing the sweating and sebum production. It will also reduce under-eye puffiness and inflammation.

Beauty Tips For a Summer Wedding

Be smart about makeup

Makeup should be very carefully chosen when you’re attending a summer wedding. First of all, be careful with the bronzer. Although bronzed skin looks flawless, it’s better the sun to do its work. If you apply a bronzer with too much shimmer, your skin will look too shiny under bright sunlight. Liquid and cream bronzers won’t make it under the heat, so opt for a matte powder.

Next, skip bottom eyeliner if you don’t want to highlight your dark circles. Too much contouring will seem too artificial under bright sunlight.

Waterproof mascara won’t suffice if it’s a hot summer day. You should, better, apply an eye base, then use a gel eyeliner and finish with waterproof mascara.

Lastly, forget about smoky eyes in the summer. Go with orange, bright pink or red statement lip while keeping everything else classic and light.

Beauty Tips For a Summer Wedding

Prepare your skin

Summer clothes are usually very revealing, making you too self-aware. You are probably aware of every pimple, redness and unwanted hairs. Don’t deal with these issues the day before the wedding – the warmth the next day could cause skin irritations. It’s better to have reliable laser treatments and facial treatments at least a few days before the wedding. You will minimize the risk of irritation and allow your skin to recover.

Fight the sweat

No matter how light your makeup is, you’ll still sweat at some point. When that happens, use blotting papers. They are very powdery, so they’re excellent at absorbing oils and sweat from your skin without coating it. You’ll get rid of excess shine in just a few seconds.

Beauty Tips For a Summer Wedding

Hydration, hydration

Everybody knows hydrating your body is important but this occasion demands extra hydration. You need to carry a bottle of water with you – you’ll be on the move more than usual and probably under stress (even though it’s a positive one). What’s more, booze affects you much easily when it’s hot, so drink a glass of water between your cocktails.

Bring and wear sunscreen

This seems redundant but you really don’t want to have your evening ruined by sunburns, right? Bring sunscreen with you because you never know where you’ll end up standing during the ceremony. You may not be able to hide in the shade.

Beauty Tips For a Summer Wedding

Consider a parasol or a hat

If it’s a really hot day, you should have additional protection, especially for your face. A hat may sound weird to you but they are huge at European weddings, so why not add a touch of European elegance to your outfit? If not, a lovely parasol will do the trick and also serve as a nice accessory.

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Beauty Tips For a Summer Wedding

Bring bug spray

If you’re going to be in a place known for bugs and insects, then it’s best if you spray yourself down with bug spray and then get dressed. As many bug repellents come in the form of pocket wipes, bring a couple more in your purse. Also, don’t put on too much perfume because it tends to attract bugs.

If you adjust your outfit and makeup choices to the season, you will definitely be worry-free at the ceremony. A summer wedding will definitely be a chance for you to shine (but shine in a good way!) with these Summer wedding beauty tips.

Do you have a wedding to attend this Summer? Let us know how you are getting ready for it.

Beauty Tips For a Summer Wedding
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Beauty Tips For a Summer Wedding

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