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how to buy the perfect bra

How to Buy the Perfect Bra Online (& Offline)

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Buying a bra online in the correct size and material sometimes feels like rocket science for me! I kid you not… I bought at least 5-7 of them online and had to return them because of the wrong measurement, lack of knowledge, and inability to read all the information before placing the “Add to cart” button.

Did you know 80% of women wear the wrong size of bras? Wearing the wrong size causes unnecessary pain, discomfort, and plainly, it’s a waste of money. This is why I reached out to a specialist- Jenette Goldstein.
She is the founder and CEO of Jenette Bras, which has an array of boutiques and an online store, and she’s a leading bra & swimwear fitting expert. She even offers expert fittings remotely. Jenette will talk about how to buy the perfect bra online and in shops and never place an incorrect order again.

How to Buy the Perfect Bra:

SC: What are the mistakes women make buying bras?

Jenette: In my years of serving thousands of women I have seen all kinds of avoidance behaviors, from complete refusal to visit a bra-fitter to putting up a big show of what an inconsequential purchase it is. The fact is, there is probably no piece of clothing more emotionally fraught for a woman. Especially if you developed early or developed large, that first bra-fitting experience may have scarred you for life.

The idea that you have these new body parts that require special equipment and draw creepy attention from men? It’s a horror show! So the mistake we make is not celebrating the bra, not giving our lingerie the same status as our purses and our shoes, not getting ourselves the expertise and attention we deserve to feel great in our bodies. This leads to bargain hunting, settling for a poor fit, and an over-reliance on whatever number we think we are. Many women come in with the attitude that they wear a 34D, or whatever, and that’s that. The truth is, you don’t have a size–you WEAR a size, in a given style, in a given brand. There are so many more parameters than band and cup that make up your unique silhouette.


SC: What should we consider before buying a bra online?

Jenette: Before buying a bra online, you should seriously consider taking the time to visit an independent, multi-brand bra-fitting boutique. Most US women live within an hour of one. There is no substitute for your relationship with a knowledgeable bra fitter and the opportunity to touch the material, see the color on your skin, and feel the pleasure of a perfect fit.

That said, if you don’t have access to a good shop or Covid concerns are keeping you at home, we’ve come as close as possible to replicating the in-store fitting experience. You just make a Google Meets appointment on our website, and your fitter will meet you online. She’ll be in the real boutique with all of our inventory on hand to draw from. A veteran of hundreds of fittings of real women, she’ll take a look at you in your bra (front and back) and size you up with her expert eye. One of our goals has been to cut down on the onerous back-and-forth of bra returns and exchanges from women struggling to fit themselves with online bra quizzes and so forth. If our fitter doesn’t nail it on the first try, we’ll set up a quick fit check before you send the bra back, and she will surely achieve perfection on the rebound. 

how to buy the perfect bra

SC: What fit, material and style are better for everyday wear?

Jenette: Well, it really depends on you and your everyday. If your work is very physical, you might prefer a light athletic bra. If there is a tip jar in the vicinity, you might have an argument for something plunge-y. As an executive, I like to feel beautiful every day. It gives me a little extra boost of confidence in meetings, negotiations, or coaching my staff. Most of us can rule out a special occasion bra, like a strapless or something excessively sexy, but assuming you don’t want to be depressed every day, I would wear the best fitting and prettiest bras I could get. Which style that is, is highly individual.

SC: How to find the best places to buy bras online?

Jenette: Look for an independent brick & mortar boutique with an online presence. Just search “bra-fitting near me.” They are going to be the ones who can give you personal and expert service. Virtually all these stores are woman-owned, and it is their life’s passion to support women, ONE ON ONE. A small silver lining to the pandemic is that all of us have created online platforms to continue serving our clients, making it easier for anyone to find us!

In a nutshell, here is how to buy the perfect bra:

If you are buying the bra yourself, always do these steps before placing each order, and also, get a professional fitting regularly, specially after a major health change like pregnancy.

  • Measure properly: Find your band size (around your ribcage just below your bust), bust size (bust at its fullest point).
  • Subtract the band size from the bust size to find your cup size.
  • Read the specifications, review of the product, and the return policies before placing the order.

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Jenette Goldstein

About Jenette Goldstein:

Jenette Goldstein, owner of Jenette Bras. She adores beautiful European lingerie, and her ambition is to bring back the neighborhood bra lady to every town in America! IG: jenettebras_LA , FB: jenettebras, Twitter: @jenettebras.

Thank you for sharing your insight, Jenette. We really appreciate it!

how to buy the perfect bra

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