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How to Prevent and Minimize the Early Onset of Wrinkles

How to Prevent and Minimize the Early Onset of Wrinkles

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Women are constantly bombarded with ads for beauty creams and anti-aging products that claim to preserve youthful-looking skin and lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. There’s a lot of pressure on girls and how they should stop the hands of time from doing its thing.  As a result, many are overwhelmed with what product to choose, and a lot end up being misinformed with the whole process of taking care of their skin.

Getting wrinkles is a part of life—unfortunately, there’s no way to stop this from happening altogether! Your skin will lose some of its elasticity and won’t be able to repair itself at a fast rate. However, there are simple and inexpensive ways to make sure you stay younger looking, prevent the early onset of wrinkles, and age gracefully.

Naturally, you would want to enjoy and maintain your youthful-looking skin. The secret lies in caring for your skin so that you don’t develop age spots and other marks that could potentially take a hit on your self-esteem or cause irreversible damage in the future. If you’re looking for ways to minimize and delay the onset of wrinkles, check out the following tips below.

How to Prevent and Minimize the Early Onset of Wrinkles

5 Ways to prevent the early onset of wrinkles:

Avoid the sun and use sunblock

There’s a perfectly good reason why almost every blog post you read about skincare advises you to wear sunscreen every day or avoid prolonged sun exposure altogether. 

From avoiding wrinkles to crafting the best skincare routine and making sure you don’t get breakouts, sunblock is the one product you shouldn’t skip. Why? The sun’s UV rays can harm your skin and speed up its aging process! Premature aging leads to those unwanted wrinkles and dark spots, which may appear way before you expect them to.

To fully maximize the benefits of sunscreen, start now….from today. Don’t use it only when you’re experiencing great outdoors or when it’s sunny, either. Sitting by the window or even the rainy season won’t stop the sun from reaching you, so make it a habit to wear sun protection regularly. The earlier you do, the more it will work in your favor during your golden years—you’ll see!

How to Prevent and Minimize the Early Onset of Wrinkles

Get your beauty sleep

When you don’t get enough sleep, the body produces more cortisol, a stress hormone that also breaks down skin cells. Sleep restores the body, repairs the skin, and aids in producing human growth hormones that help the skin stay elastic and supple.

Getting enough sleep is relative per person since there are plenty of lifestyle choices and responsibilities that come into play. If you can learn to adjust, manage, and balance your tasks throughout the day to get enough sleep in the evening, you’ll be doing your skin and your overall wellbeing a favor.

how to get beauty sleep

Use products with antioxidants

Nailing the right skincare routine takes a lot of trial and error. Once you feel you’ve had that perfect cocktail of everything you need, it can be intimidating to introduce new products for fear of giving you breakouts or wasting money.

However, it’s necessary to include products that contain antioxidants to fight off environmental damage to the skin, such as serums or night creams. These can help fight free radicals and aid in reversing and slowing down the early signs of aging. 

Antioxidant-infused products are generally not too hard to find, so you’ll be faced with an abundance of options. Consult with skin experts or read reviews online to see which product can best match your skin type.

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Manage your stress levels

Wrinkles don’t just appear because your skin is aging—it’s the reflection of repetitive facial expressions you used to do when you were younger. The skin doesn’t have enough elasticity to go back to its original state, which is why the lines form and stay.

If you tend to worry a lot or get angry at the smallest things, chances are, you’ve wrinkled your brow or frowned all too many times. This can lead to forehead and mouth wrinkles as you get older, and it could appear much sooner if you keep subjecting yourself in a stressful environment.

To help manage stress, you can try meditation, gentle yoga, breathing techniques, aromatherapy and massages, journaling, and so much more. There’s no right or wrong answer here, so go with where you can relieve your stress the most.

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Maintain Your Youthful Glow

It doesn’t take a lot to keep skin looking young and fresh—just a healthy dose of mindfulness and self-care. How you care for yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally today will show in the future. 

If you want to prevent the early onset of wrinkles, it will take more than purchasing every anti-aging product out in the market. The real change will start when you’ve tried to give yourself a better quality of life, as well.

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How do you plan on starting to maintain your youthful glow? Share with the rest of us below!

How to Prevent and Minimize the Early Onset of Wrinkles
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